Exercise 2. .

  1. B) Get together with another student. Listen to his / her reading of the exercise. What recommendations would you give to correct any mispronunciations?
  2. B. Pre-reading Exercises
  3. B. Pre-reading Exercises
  4. B. Pre-reading Exercises
  5. E.x. 3.2.24. .
  6. Exercise 1
  7. Exercise 1 Answer the following questions.

1. application, the, the, the, technological, of, electricity, contributes, industrial, progress, to.

2. day, use, every, do, appliances, you, electrical?

3. are, longstanding, of what, applications, electricity?

4. induction, who, motor, invented?

Exercise 3. :

invention, property, technological advance,consumption, replace, lightning.

1. The industrial application of the electric current contributes to the ---.

2. Many years ago a man discovered that many substances have --- either attract or repel other ones when rubbed together.

3. It is quite possible that some day coal and other fuel may --- by atomic energy.

4. Scientists '--- will help people avoid lightning strikes.

5. Some people do not like to be out during the thunderstorm and ---.

6. --- of electricity has greatly increased recently.

Exercise 4. :

- ij

capture a battery

make electricity

harness a research

discharge sunlight


tiny humidity

substantial particles

airborne benefit

microscopic substances

high droplets

Exercise 5. 䳺, -or; -er (or); -ist; - (I) ation; -ment, - ance.

Present, imagine, invent, provide, produce, prevent, maintain, involve, confirm, accumulate.

VOCABULARY STUDY | Exercise 6. .

ֳ :

˲ | Read the text to find out about the industrial application of electricity and what one of the greatest advantages of electricity is. Complete the diagram. | Practice 1. Find in the text names of all devices that make our lives easier and say which of them are electrically operated and which are manual. | Consider the title of the text. Read the text to find out about the new ways of harnessing the electric energy. | Practice 2. Choose the main idea of ??the article from the following. | Find the information in the text about the contribution of the famous British physicist Michael Faraday to the world science. | Read the text. Try to remember the names of different machinery and implements and their functions. Fill in the table after the text. | Tractor Operates Silently, Cleanly | Write a letter to your friend and tell him (her) what interesting facts you have learnt from this text. | VOCABULARY STUDY |

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