A technique of team-building

  1. Employing Good Presentation Technique
  4. Psychiatrists (and teachers I) say that this technique helps people to talk about themselves, and that talking about themselves helps them.
  5. The integral transmutation technique

Integration is the act or process of combining

two or more things, so that they work together.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

INTEGRATION IS BUILT AT SEVERAL LEVELS: one should to know who integrates, their good qualities, their common actions, why they get united -purposes of integration.

A flag, a coat of arms, an anthem are symbols of state integration, as well as a company logo, company colours, company uniform are symbols of company integration.

Events and common actions shared by multitude of people can also contribute to integration: a National Day, New Year, Easter and other holidays celebrated by everyone.

Also mentioning the texts known for everyone in the group: like fairy tales, cartoons or quotes that everyone knows, appeals to common knowledge and has an integrative effect.

Some words have integrative meaning, thus, increase integrative potential of the text:

adjectives: common, shared etc.

pronouns: we, us, our

adverbs: together

verbs of common action: participate, share, unite, do together etc.

nouns with meaning of multitude: people, group, nation, team

They are markers of integration.

Integrative character of oral communication is determined by markers of involvement, American sociolinguists D. Tannen and W. Chafe present a list such involvement markers:

- personal character of communication via employment of details, imagery and particularization,

- 1-st and 2-nd person pronouns,

- focus on personalities and personal relations between people.

Integration is strengthened by back channel signals and attention signals:

- the audience members listen attentively,

- nod,

- look at the speaker,

- finish the phrase instead of the speaker, showing that they understand his ideas,

- speak with the speaker cheerfully,

- ask comfortable questions, that are easy and nice to answer.

Signs of integration are singled out by the Russian scholar E. I. Sheigal. She divides them into specialized and non-specialized signs of integration. Among the specialized signs of integration are markers of ours:

- inclusive we;

- commonality lexemes (together, all, our, unity, solidarity, union, association);

- vocatives with connotation I am yours (friends, comrades, brother and sisters, fellow citizens, compatriots, colleagues);

- grammar forms of indirect imperative (1-st p. pl.) with the meaning of inclusion in speaker's sphere of activity (Let us make our land strong ... We won't allow the aggressors ...).


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