Before reading the text make sure whether you read these words correctly.

  1. A) Match the definitions and words.
  3. Academic Reading
  4. Accentual Structure of English Words
  5. All usual pursuits were abandoned in the Gryffindor common room the night before the match. Even Hermione had put down her books.
  6. And now give the full answers to these questions.
  7. Answer the questions by using the suggested key - words in the answers of your own.

pursuit, dyeing, elixir, exoteric, esoteric, spiritual, ritual, prominently, macrobiotics, interpret, procedure, aurifiction, aurifaction, indistinguishable, ingredient, discipline, remedy.

Study and remember the following chart :

1. To work with this substance without gloves is dangerous. Subject
2. The main task is to examine this compound. The substance began to melt. He has to solve this problem. Predicative
3. He was the first to examine this material. This metal has a unique ability to resist corrosion. Attribute
4. He came to discuss the results with his teacher. To understand this phenomenon well one must know the structure of the material. (In order) to distil this substance use these filters. Adverbial Modifier of Purpose
5. They knew this experimenter too well not to rely his data. Adverbial Modifier of Result

4. Analyze the Infinitives and their functions and translate the sentences ino Russian:

1. The purpose of these experiments was to observe the properties of the elements involved. 2. Chemical reactions that change the concentration of hydrogen ions to become the same as in pure water are called neutralization reactions. 3. Ammonium ions interact with water to form hydronium ions in equilibrium with molecular ammonia. 4. No special regulation of concentration is required to effect a separation between chlorides of these ions. 5. Rutherford was the first to change nitrogen to oxygen by bombarding nitrogen atoms with alpha particles. 6. To determinethe relative weights of different elements we were to usethe relative system of atomic weights. 7. A slight addition of pressure at this temperature should cause liquefaction to take place, but beyond this temperature no amount of pressure would enable the gravitational attraction to exceedthe energy of motion. 8. In order to liquefy a gas at a temperature below its critical temperature it is practically necessary only to compress the gas. 9. The aim of these researchers is to find out the required elements. 10. The substance to be extracted should be more soluble in the extracting solvent than in the initial solution. 11. To establish the molecular weight of oxygen means to find the number of atoms in the oxygen molecule. 12. The apparatus to be used in our work was improved in our lab. Where is the mixture to be heated?


1.What is alchemy?

2.What do you know about alchemists?

3.When did they experiment?

4.Why were their ideas forgotten?

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