Vocabulary practice

  1. A) Draw a family tree for yourself and using the topical vocabulary explain the relationship between your immediate ancestors and any interesting facts about them.
  2. A. Vocabulary
  3. A. Vocabulary development

1. Match the words with their synonyms.

accurate subtract

generate evolve

deduct essential

commit perform

crucial complicated

sophisticated exact

2. Fill in the blanks choosing from the variants given.

1. A group of people working together to accomplish a goal is a (n) ....

a) organization b) colleagues c) developers d) corporation

2. An information system must ... the needs of people who participate in different organizational activities.

a) protect b) share c) support d) maintain

3. Some POS systems automatically ... credit cards.

a) check b) verify c) examine d) process

4. Many TPS ... plenty of transactions to be entered at a time.

a) allow b) permit c) prohibit d) let

5. An information system ability to assist with problem solving and decision making depends on data it collects and makes ....

a) shared b) closed c) accessible d) available

6. A TPS simply ... data.

a) stores b) records c) processes d) keeps

3. Make two-word combination using the words in columns and then fill in the gaps in the following sentences.

A: batch B: report

online method

routine processing

payroll tasks

detail customer

real-time system

1. First transaction processing systems used ....

2. If you buy goods on the Internet you are ....

3 Online processing is ... in which each transaction is processed as it is entered.

4. A ... provides a basic record of completed transactions.

5. Without a ... we can not calculate deductions and taxes, track employee hours generate paychecks.

6. Often repeated activities are called ....

4. Fill in the gaps in the text.

___ Systems play a key role in helping organizations achieve goals, which are set forth in a ___ statement. Workers use information systems to produce and manipulate ___. Transaction ___ systems provide an organization with a way to collect, modify, display or ___ transactions. These systems encompass activities such as general accounting, inventory ___, and e-commerce. ___ Information systems typically build on the data collected by a TPS to produce ___ that managers use to make the business decisions needed to solve routine, structured problems.

Speaking.Discuss the following questions.

1. What is an information system?

2. Who uses information systems?

3. How do information systems help people in an organization?

4. Do organizations require different kinds of information systems?

5. What is a transaction?

6. What is a transaction processing system?

7. What are the limitations of transaction processing systems?

Text B

Pre-reading.Match the meaning of the following English words and their Russian equivalents.

1discrete step a)
2 checklist b)
3 implementation c)
4 milestone d)

Reading.Read the text and try to guess the meaning of the words in bold. Check your variants in the dictionary.

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