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What do you think?

  1. What do you think?
  2. What do you think?
  3. What do you think?
  4. What do you think?
  5. What do you think?
  6. What do you think?

1. Do you believe that software piracy is a serious issue?

2. Do you know of any instances of software piracy?

3. Do you think that most software pirates understand that they are doing something illegal?

4. Should software publishers try to adjust software pricing for local markets?

Final test. Do the tasks in the following test.

1. All publicly available software programs adhere to the same licensing agreements. (True/False)

2. A(n) ___ operating system provides process and memory management services that allow two or more programs to run simultaneously.

3. Which of the following type of software is copyrighted software marked under a "try before buy" policy.

a) freeware b) shareware c) commercial software d) public domain software

4. ___ software helps you store, organize, update, and report information.

5. The microprocessor controls the operating system in your computer. (True/False)

6. A computer's microprocessor understands both high-level and machine language. (True/False)

7. The operating system in many handheld computers is small enough to be stored in ROM. (True/False)

8. The software installation process includes which of the following activities:

a) analyzing the computer's resources b) analyzing the computer's hardware

c) updating necessary system files d) all of the above

9. MP3 encoding software is used to pull tracks off a CD and store it in a raw digital format on a computer's hard disk. (True/False)

10. A(n) ___ translates all of the instructions in a program as a single batch, producing machine language instructions that are placed in a new file.

11. To start a software program, you run the program's main ___ file.

12. Which of the following converts one computer instruction at a time into a machine language while the program is running?

a) a compiler b) an interpreter c) a translator d) none of the above

13. ___ language is the instruction set that is 'hard wired' within a microprocessor's circuits.

14. A (n) ___ is a set of letters that shares a unified design.

15. Programmers first write instructions in a machine language and then translate them into a high-level language. (True/False)

16. System requirements specify both the operating system and the minimum hardware capacity necessary for a software product to work correctly. (True/False)

17. The ___ routine deletes a software program's files and removes references to the program from the desktop and operating system files.

18. Which of the following is responsible for allocating specific areas of memory for each program running on your computer.

a) the microprocessor b) the operating system

c) RAM d) none of the above

19. Software counterfeiting and piracy does not include software that is distributed on the Internet. (True/False)

20. An auxiliary set of instructions that is used in conjunction with the main software program is called a(n) ___.

a) data file b) main executable file c) support program d) auxiliary file

Projects. Choose and perform one of the projects given.

1. Computer games are big business. They are exported worldwide and accessed by communities of online players around the globe. For this project gather information about the most internationally popular computer games. Try some of them yourself to see what they are all about. What effect, if any, would you expect these games to have on individual players living in the cultures of 1) industrialized countries, 2) Middle-eastern countries, and 3) developing countries? Summarize your ideas.

2. Use the Web and other resources to compile a list of the software used in your current or future career field. Are there standard packages that job applicants need to know how to use? If so, what can you find out about those packages on the Web. Also, make a list of the software packages you are familiar with. Use the software classification system. As you consider your career goals for the next year, list at least five additional software packages you would like to learn. Explain why they would be helpful.

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