Exercise 6. . .

  1. B) Get together with another student. Listen to his / her reading of the exercise. What recommendations would you give to correct any mispronunciations?
  2. B. Pre-reading Exercises
  3. B. Pre-reading Exercises
  4. B. Pre-reading Exercises
  5. E.x. 3.2.30. .
  6. Exercise 1
  7. Exercise 1 Answer the following questions.


protect from infection

diagnose against diseases

vaccinate for the health of pets

suffer surgery

treat and dress health problems

set against rabies

perform fractures

care wounds

Exercise 7. fat or sugar, fruit and vegetables, obese, healthy, chips and pizzas. .

What is tasty is not always ___. Doctors say that ___ are fattening, Coca-Cola spoils our teeth, and coffee shortens our lives.

If you go on eating too much, you'll become ___, and obesity leads to heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Some scientists believe that food influences not only our bodies but our spirits as well.

Foods with lots of additives, ___ can make you violent and anti-social. Natural foods like fresh ___ which contain lots of vitamins and minerals can make you more intelligent, optimistic and energetic.

So think twice before you start eating!

Exercise 8. obesity, diseases, fatty and sugary snacks, overfeed, veterinarian, heart and kidney disease.

1. Be careful not to ___ growing puppies.

2. ___ is certainly one of the most prevalent ___ affecting the pet population today.

3. ___ do nothing but promote obesity and create an annoying beggar of your pet.

4. If you notice your pet gaining or losing weight, consult with a ___.

5. Many disease conditions in dogs and cats, such as ___ can be effectively controlled through diet modification alone

Exercise 4. , 3. | TRICKY WORDS

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