1. B) Comment on the fragments above.
  2. B) Comment on the given information and speak about the financial aspect of getting a higher education in the US A.
  3. C) Comment on the character of the landlady. Prove your statement.
  4. Comment on the meaning of the modal verbs and translate the sentences into Russian;
  5. Commentary
  6. Commentary
  7. Compose the words from A and C which are the materials to get the word in B which is a composite. Comment which of these materials can be either the matrix or the reinforcement.
Complete the rule with COLOUR, MATERIAL, SHAPEWhen we have more than one adjective before a noun, they usually come in this order: opinion, size or ___, texture, pattern or___, ___ + noun
  1. wearing / shoes / elegant / black / She's high-heeled

She's wearing elegant black high-heeled shoes

  1. a / That's / stripy / shirt / smart / cotton
  2. dress / wearing / cotton / an / awful / She's / flowery
  3. wool / at / mini-skirt / check / Look / beautiful / that
  4. stripy / blue / like / your / hoody / I / baggy
  5. shiny / is / roll neck / great / This / nylon / a
  6. leggings / tight / wearing / ridiculous / She's / furry

Rewrite the sentences that are incorrect.

1 lt's a yellow smart polo shirt.

2 They're leather tight trousers.

3 lt's a baggy flowery t p.

4 They're wool spotty socks.

5 They're long stripy trousers.

6 lt's a furry warm fleece.

Exercise 10.Complete the questions using the words in the box

buy dress enjoy fashion generations hand item judge notice read spend match
How important isFASHIONto you?

  1. Do you ___ shopping for clothes?
  2. Do you always___what other people are wearing?
  3. How much time do you___in front of the mirror in the morning?
  4. Do you___the fashion pages in magazines?
  5. Do you think people in Kazakhstan ___well?
  6. Have you ever bought on___of clothing which you did not like later?
  7. Do you think there is a big difference in the way different ___dress?
  8. Do you think it's important to wear colours that___?
  9. Would you buy clothes from a second -___ shop?
  10. Do you___a person's character by the clothes they wear?
  11. Would you go out with somebody who had no___sense?
  12. Do you try not to___clothes that have been produced in factories where working conditions are very bad?

Exercise 11Now write answers for the questions from exercise 10.

Exercise 12Writhe the dictation.

1. Choose the right variant.

She's wearing an ___ flowery cotton dress

a) awful

b) beautiful

c) smart

d) nylon

2. Choose the right variant.

Look at that beautiful check ___ mini-skirt

a) wool

b) wooled

c) wooly

d) wooling

3. 3. Choose the right variant.

This is great shiny nylon roll -___

a) neck

b) back

c) leg

d) arm

4. Choose the right synonym.

She's wearing ridiculous tight furry leggings

a) absurd

b) smart

c) comfortable

d) great

Fame and Fashion. Jianni Versace | GLOSSARY

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