IV. Correct the false statements.

  1. A. Insert the correct preposition. Compare it with the one we use in Russian.
  2. Before reading the text make sure whether you read these words correctly.
  3. Before reading the text make sure whether you understand these word-combinations correctly.
  4. Before reading the text try to guess whether the following statements are True or False.
  5. Choose the correct answer.
  6. Choose the correct answer
  7. Choose the correct endings for the statements.

1. George Bartlett was a fat old man who could speak very well.People adored listening to him.

2. George Bartlett was very good at dancing. Ruby liked him very much.

3. The talk with George Bartlett threw light on the matter.

4. Peter Carmody, Mr Jefferson's grandson, was afraid of policemen.

5. Peter Carmody said he did not know Ruby at all.

6. Mark Gaskell informed the police that his father-in-law enjoyed good health.

7. Conway Jefferson was rather a weak-willed person.

8. Mr. Jefferson was a greedy man eho preferred to save money rather than give it to his children.

9. Mr. Jefferson was not at all surprised by the fact that Ruby's body had been found at Gossington Hall.

10. As soon as the policemen left him Mr. Jefferson went to bed.

V. Find the following phrases in the text of the novel, copy them out, try to remember them.

, , , , , , , , .

VI. Find the following adverbs, write them out, remember them and use in sentences of your own.

' , , , , , / / , .

VII. Translate into Russian in writing.

(P.52) "In the big bedroom ... but accept it and pass on to victory."

I. Revise Assignment 3 and translate the sentences into English in writing. | VIII. Write a summary of what you have read on pages 10-57.

Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | I. Revise the Assignment 1 and translate the sentences into English in writing. | III. Correct the false statements. | IV. Find the following adjectives, write them out in your vocabulary books, remember the nouns with which they are used bythe author. | Chapter 6 | Chapters 5, 6 (pp.35-47) | VI. Translate these sentences into Russian. | Chapter 8 |

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