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Text C. A message from the President

  1. C the metamessage that contextualizes how listeners are expected to accept and interpret verbal message
  2. Electing the President
  3. Electing the President
  4. Fax Message No ...
  5. How to Make Your Message Meaningful
  6. II. Choose a clear, concise purpose for your message.
  7. Message job: (.) ³ . , ѳ'. . MoeGreen Special.

Part I.

Dear Valued Customer, Since its inception in 1985, Corel has been renowned in the software industry for consistently developing innovative software and revolutionary technology. To complement our extensive line of acclaimed business applications, graphics products and Internet / intranet software, We offer an exceptional level of commitment to our corporate and government customers. We deliver on this commitment by fulfilling three core objectives.

Corel provides customers withleading-edge, open standards technology on a variety of platformsincluding Java , Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1x, DOS, UNIX and Macintosh. With our commitment to Java development, we are poised to lead the way in what is being hailed as the greatest technological shift of the decade - The Internet / intranet and the network-centric computing revolution. We are also dedicated to protecting your organisation's current operating system investment and offering innovative technology with continued development on all of the platforms listed above.

Corel offers one of themost flexible, easy-to-administer methods of software deploymentavailable. Through the Corel Licence Program (CLP), Corel can effectively meet your changing software deployment needs, as your organization evolves and grows.

Corel is also committed tominimizing your organization's information system expenditures.Through clp and products such as Corel Office for Java and Corel Office for Windows NT Server 4.0, Corel is taking an active role in reducing organizations 'software costs.

CLP Universal allows medium- and large-sized organizations to take advantage of the benefits of Corel's corporate and government commitment. Combining leading-edge technology with one of the most flexible, cost-effective and easy-to-use volume licence programs in the software industry, Corel is a perfect partner for any organization looking toexcel.




  1. Read the first part of the text. Suggest Russian version for the italicised parts of sentences:
  2. Complete English sentences by adding the question given in the right-hand column.
) I failed to understand ? ? ? ? 볺 Internet / Intranet? 볺?
B) ? Do they offer an exceptional level of commitment to their corporate and government customers? What kind of technology does Corel provide customers with? Why is Corel taking an active role in reducing organizations software costs? Did CLP Universal allow medium- or large-sized organizations to take advantage of the benefits of Corel's corporate and government commitment.Why can Corel be considered a perfect partner for any organization looking to Excel?

C) Ask your fellow-students to answer the questions above.

Text C

Part II

CLP Universal was designed to provide greater flexibility to organisations than other volume licence programs. That's because, in the software industry, where technology and users 'needs change rapidly, Corel believes flexibility in licensing is essential for organisations that want to stay ahead of their competition.

CLP Universal allows for multiplatform and multilingual licences and backward licensing at no additional charge. Users can access Corel business, Internet / intranet and graphics applications on different operating systems, in different languages ??or with different version numbers, making internal and external communication much easier. As well, organisations do not have to go through the purchasing process every time they need to use equivalent products on different platforms on different languages.

Concurrent usage at no additional charge allows organisations to purchase licences for the total number of copies of the Corel application to be used simultaneously. Combined with nonconcurrent home and laptop usage at no additional charge, Corel helps customers stay connected wherever they are-in the office, on the road or at home.

CLP Universal is designed to assist organisations as they grow, with greater discounts as they achieve greater purchase volumes. Subsidiaries and divisions of the company signing the CLP Universal Agreement also benefit from the flexibility of CLP Universal by purchasing off the parent company's agreement without having to meet a minimum purchase requirement.

  1. Answer the questions below using Indirect Speech. Be detailed in so doing.

The verbs to be used: to declare, to insist, to add, to explain, to emphasize, to stress


What did the President of Corel Corporation say about a) flexibility provided to organisations?
b) kinds of licensing at no additional charge?
c) customers opportunity
to be connected
wherever they are?
f) discounts to be provided?
e) benefits provided to
subsidiaries and divisions
of the company signing the CLP
Universal Agreement?

  1. Retell the story as if you were a customer of Corel Corporation and give reasons for you to be one.

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