V ing

Like, hate, love, stop, enjoy, give up, go on, practise

# I love dancing and want to give up drinking.

? ? . ? !!! S He, she, it ? ? ³ ? ? ? ? Rule 5 Rule 5 Rule 5 ? ? I want to sleepI do not want to sleepDo I want to sleepWhy do I want to sleep? I have a carI do not have a carDo I have a car? How long do I have a car? He sleepsHe does not sleepDoes he sleep? Where does he sleep? He goes to schoolHe does not go to schoolDoes he go to school? Why does he go to school? He has a noseHe does not have a noseDoes he have a nose? Where does he have a nose? Rule 5 Rule 5 Rule 5You never help meDo you never help her? Why does she never help us?

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