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C) Cut them down to the five most important. | B) Turn the above situation into a dialogue and act it out. | ORGANIZATION AND STRUCTURE OF THE SYSTEM OF EDUCATION IN THE USA | TOOLS FOR EVALUATING A STORY | By L.P. Hartley | Unit Six | INTERVIEW TECHNIQUES | Respond to the following situations either in a short story, using a dialogue and a description, or in an essay form. | CONVERSATIONAL EXPRESSIONS | ATTACK AND RESPONSE |

Giving clarification

  1. C) As a group, now decide which event you will all attend together. When giving your criticism try to be honest, but tactful.
  2. Ex.7. Translate the following words giving both the British and American variant
  3. Giving power to the people
  4. He felt armed in certainty, in his belief in the Hallows, as if the mere idea of possessing them was giving him protection, and he felt joyous as he turned back to the other two.
  5. Revise the ways of giving advice.
  6. The Great Hall was deserted now; the candles had burned low, giving the jagged smiles of the pumpkins an eerie, flickering quality.

what I'm trying to say is (that)...


the point I'm trying to make is (that)...


Well, I I what I mean is (that)... (tentative)


What I mean is (that)...

(both direct)

What I'm saying is (that)...

All I'm trying to say is (that)... (informal)


Well, to be frank (strong, blunt)



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