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This description of the Mac OS X is drawn from the table below. Write a similar description of Linux. | Ex.8. Join each of the following sentences, using either participle I or participle II. | Unit 13 | Ex.7.Listening | Applied mechanics | Unit 15 | Ex.7.Listening | Семестр | Семестр | Choose the right variant |

Choose the right variant

  1. A bright silver light appeared right ahead of him, moving through the trees. Whatever the source, it was moving soundlessly. The light seemed simply to drift toward him.
  2. A set of principles of right conduct
  3. Activity 1. Skim through the text of Сhapter II of the Constitution to get an overview of the scope of human rights it secures to citizens of Ukraine.
  4. And he was right-for the second time, Lynch hit the ground with tremendous force and was immediately stampeded by a horde of angry veela.
  5. And then Frank heard movement behind him in the dark passageway. He turned to look, and found himself paralyzed with fright.
  6. Article 8. Right to access to information
  7. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon looked at each other. It was clear that Dudley was frightening them. Hestia Jones broke the silence.

1. Water______at 100 degrees.

a) boils с) will boil

b) is boiling d) will have been boiling

2. The weather - hotter and hotter.

a) gets c) is getting

b) has been getting d) get

3. The first modern Olympics______in Athens more than a

hundred years ago.

a) were taking place c) have taken

b) took d) had taken

4. We______20 new buildings this year.

a) built c) had built

b) were building d) have built

5.1______always______if the service is bad in restaurants.

a) -, complain c) will be complaining

b) am complaining d) will complain

6. I______to the news on television at nine o'clock last


a) was listening c) have been listening

b) listened d) had been listening

7. After they______they cleared the table.

a) ate c) have eaten

b) had eaten d) were eating

8.1______for a whole hour!

a) am waiting c) have been waiting

b) was waiting d) had been waiting

9 I______John's mobile phone because I left mine at


a) use c) used

b) was using d) have been using

10. This juice______good.

a) is tasting c) has been tasting

b) tastes d) is being tasted

11. Long ago they______most houses out of wood.

a) built c) were building

b) have built d) had built

12. We still______life on other planets.

a) didn't discover c) won't discover

b) hadn't discovered d) haven't discovered

13.1______when my friend______.

a) slept, called

b) was sleeping, was calling

c) was sleeping, called

d) slept, was calling

14. Those potatoes______for an hour.

a) have been boiling c) are boiling

b) were boiling d) had been boiling

15. You______always______money!

a) -, borrow c) will borrow

b) has been borrowing d) are borrowing

16. They______for four hours before they______the top

of the mountain.

a) climbed, reached

b) had been climbing, reached

c) was climbing, reached

d) climbed, has been reaching

17.1 think it______a difficult game.

a) is going to be c) have been

b) will be d) had been

18.1______ to you ever again.

a) don't speak c) hasn't spoken

b) am not going to speak d) will have been spoken

19.1______him tomorrow, he is expecting my call.

a) phone c) am going to phone

b) am phoning d) will have phoned

20. The boat______the island on Friday.

a) is leaving c) is going to leave

b)leave d)leaves

21. His grandfather______from his job a year ago.

a) has retired c) retires

b) was retiring d) retired

22. The backpacker knew there was a lake because they ______ it earlier in the day.

a) have seen c) had seen

b) saw d) hadn't seen

23.______he______about the opera before?

a) had spoken c) has spoken

b) was speaking d) did speak

24. What time______it______?

a) did happen c) had happened

b) has happened d) was happening

25. Tomorrow at five he______football.

a) '11 play c) plays

b) '11 be playing d) play

26. This time last year he______in London.

a) lived c) '11 live

b) was living d) has lived

27 I______for you for more than one hour.

a) has waited c) was waiting

b) have been waiting d) was waited

28. He______it for an hour before I came.

a) have been doing c) had been doing

b) had been done d) did

29- -_____he already______the doctor by that time?

a) has seen c) was seeing

b) did see d) had seen

30. She______her work already.

a) hasn't finished c) finished

b) has finished d) is finished

Choose the right variant | Choose the right variant
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