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A) Read the following information about agriculture in some other English-speaking countries.

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  2. A) Read the following information.
  3. A) Read what the students, who have chosen agriculture as their career, say about their future professions.
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Nearly half of the country is a farmland, however only 21 per cent is arable. The main agricultural products are corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, tobacco, fruit, vegetables and cattle breeding. The U.S.A. is the biggest supplier of grains (wheat, corn, oats), dairy products, meat, vegetable oils and soybeans in spite of the fact that less than 3 per cent of population are involved in agriculture.


Canada's economy is traditionally based on natural resources and agriculture. Almost half the land area of Canada is covered by forests. Although only 7 per cent of the land is suitable for farming, agriculture is the world's fifth largest producer of wheat after the USA, China and India and the second largest wheat exporter after the USA. 80 per cent of Canada's farmland is in the prairies. Other important agricultural items are livestock production, oats, vegetables, fruit, tobacco, dairy products and leather. Less than 3% of Canada's population work on farms.


Australia belongs to the top exporters of beef, lamb, wool and wheat, although only 9 per cent of land is arable. Other agricultural items are barley, oats, hay, sugar, wine, fruit and vegetables. Only 7 per cent of the population work in agriculture.


New Zealand's prosperity is founded on dairy farming. The pleasant climate allows cattle and sheep to stay outside even in winter. Grass grows faster in New Zealand than in most countries and is called the green gold there. Only 2 per cents of land are arable and main crops are grains. Above 10 per cent people work in agriculture.

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