discouragement (n)

diligence (n)

to have enough ~ to finish the job; due ~

diligent (adj)

foster (n)

to ~ feelings; foster father/mother/brother/etc.

fosterer (n)

surpass (v)

stagnate (v)

stagnant (adj)

stagnation (n)

credit (n)

to give ~ to; to do smb. ~; to one's ~; to lose ~ with smb; a letter of ~ ; on ~ ; allow ~ ; ~ card

credit (v)

creditable (adj)

blame (n)

to ascribe, assign, attribute (the) ~ to smb.; to share the ~; to ~ smb for smth

diverse (adj)

accomplish (v)

to ~ a promise; to ~ a distance; to ~ a journey; to ~ 50 years

accomplishment (n)

excel (v)

to ~ one's father; not to be ~led; to ~ as a tailor; to ~ in running

excellent (adj)

resent (v)

to ~ bitterly, strongly; to ~ to do smth

resentment (n)

to arouse, stir up ~ ; to bear, feel ~ ; to express ~ ; to have/bear no ~ against smb.; bitter, deep, profound, sullen ~ ; They felt ~ that nobody paid attention to their request.

comply (v)

to ~ with rules

compliance (n)

~ with requirements; in ~ with your wish

confuse (v)

to ~ smb with smb; to ~ smth with smth; to ~ smb

confusion (n)

poor (adj)

poverty (n)

impoverish (v)

persist (v)

to ~ in opinion; the tendency still ~s

persistent (adj)

adapt (v)

to ~ the library for use as an office; to ~ to life in the country; to ~ oneself to local conditions; to ~ a novel for the stage; to ~ a film from a novel

adaptation (n)

adaptable (adj)

adaptability (n)

accept (v)

to ~ blindly; to ~ fully; to ~ readily; to ~ an offer; to ~ a proposal; to ~ a suggestion; to ~ a post; to ~ the responsibility; to ~ an apology; to ~ a challenge; to ~ the resignation of the cabinet; to ~ bribes; to ~ on condition that; to ~ for a fact; to ~ the inevitable; to ~ the situation; to be generally ~ed; to be universally ~ed

acceptance (n)

acceptable (adj)

bless (v)

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