На головну

B) Explain the difference between the synonyms within each pair. (See Notes on p. 18.) When in doubt, consult dictionaries.

  1. A little crease appeared between his eyes.
  2. A) Draw a family tree for yourself and using the topical vocabulary explain the relationship between your immediate ancestors and any interesting facts about them.
  3. Arrange the following words into pairs of synonyms.
  4. As you read the article about Albania take notes under the following headings.
  5. B. How to Become a Computer Consultant
  6. Between a Mother (M), her Son (S) and the Doctor (D).

IV. Answer the questions. Argue your answers:

1. Where is the scene laid in the story? 2. How did the seers-off feel and why? What were they doing to pass the time? 3. What made the narrator of the story think that the man who was seeing off a young lady was not her father? 4. Who was the man? Under what circumstances had the narrator met him before? What made him hard to recognize? 5. What made the narrator ask Le Ros where he acted? 6. Why did the answer make him think that Le Ros recited at concerts? 7. Why was he bewildered when Le Ros said he had first met the young lady he was seeing off less than half an hour before? 8. What can you say about the activities of the Anglo-American Social Bureau? 9. How can you explain Le Ros's success as an employee of the Bureau? 10. How did, in Le Ros's opinion, the seeing-off ceremony help Americans? Do you think it was a good idea? 11. What is the implication of the word afford applied to friends? Can friends really be afforded or not afforded? 12. Did Le Ros take seriously his job and himself in the role of a professional seer-off? How does it characterize him? 13. What is the author's (not the narrator's!) attitude to Le Ros? What is the author's irony directed against?

V. Study Vocabulary Notes, translate the illustrative examples and a) give synonyms of:

naughty adj, good adj (about a child), put an end to;

EXERCISES | B) give antonyms oft

B) Transcribe the geographical names used in Text A, | VII. Study Text С and use it as a model for a talk between an Englishman and a Russian who is on his first visit to England. | Британский характер | STUDIES OF WRITTEN ENGLISH | CURIOSITY QUIZ FOR EAGERS | SPEECH PATTERNS | EXERCISES | V. Think of short situations in which you can use these patterns. | VOCABULARY NOTES | NOTES ON STYLE |

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