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1. We noticed a man cleaning his shoes. 2. He saw two girls dancing on the stage. 3. She watched the children running and playing in the garden. 4. I saw her arranging her hair. 5. We saw our neighbour listening to the latest news on the radio. 6.1 felt the cat rubbing itself on my leg. 7. We saw them fishing. 8. The teacher watched the pupils writing a paper. 9. I felt a caterpillar crawling on my arm. 10. Last night we heard I. Arkhipova singing a Russian folk song. 11.1 watched

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the sun rising. 12.1 heard him singing an English song. 13. John heard his sister talking loudly on the veranda. 14. We saw Ben crossing the square. 15. They heard their father playing the piano in the drawing room. 16. I can see the train coming. 17. I watched the rain beating down the flowers in the garden. 18.1 saw a group of boys eating ice cream. 19. We noticed a group of people digging potatoes in the field.20. Did not you see her smiling at you? 21. I heard the girl singing. 22. He heard them talking about computers. 23.1 saw you and your friend walking along the street yesterday. 24. We watched the little girls playing on the grass. 25. He stood and looked at the ship leaving the port. 26. Mother watched her sleeping peacefully in her bed.


1. The boy noticed a bird fly on to the bush near the window. 2. Jane saw her neighbour open the door of his flat and go in. 3.1 saw him point to a picture on the wall. 4. I heard him shut the door of the study.

5. We saw the children climb to the tops of the trees.

6. I noticed Henry go up and speak to the stranger.

7. I saw him slip and fall. 8. I heard her suddenly cry out. 9. The policeman saw her bend and pick up something from the floor. 10. I saw him open the door and leave the room. 11. I saw her drop the cup on the floor and break it. 12. We watched them turn the corner and disappear. 13. The boy felt the doctor touch his leg.

14. Pete's friends saw him buy some flowers.

15. The wounded hunter felt the bear touch him, but
he did not move. 16. Shall we hear the telephone ring?
17. Tamara saw the boat drift down the river. 18. They
saw the ship sail away from the shore. 19. Have you
heard him sing the part of Hermann in Tchaikovsky's
"Queen of Spades"?

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