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1.The machine needs cleaning. 2.1 am quite serious in saying that I do not want to go abroad. 3. He seemed

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sorry for having been inattentive to his child. 4. She confessed to having forgotten to send the letter. 5. The old man could not stand being told what he should do. 6. Going to the party was no use: he had no talent for dancing. 7. The Bronze Horseman is worth seeing. 8. After thoroughly examining the student, the professor gave him a satisfactory mark. 9. After being thoroughly examined by the examination commission, the student was given a satisfactory mark. 10. She accused him of having stolen her purse. 11. She reproached me for not writing (having written) to her. 12. This job is not worth taking. 13. After looking through and marking the students 'papers, the teacher handed them back. 14. After being looked through and marked, the papers were handed back to the students. 15. These clothes want washing. 16. David was very glad of having found his aunt. 17. Excuse me for having broken (breaking) your beautiful vase. 18. You never mentioned having been to Greece. 19. She was proud of being awarded the champion's cup. 20. I do not remember ever meeting (having met) your sister. 21.1 do not remember being asked this question by anybody. 22. The cat was punished for having broken the cup. 23. The cat was afraid of being punished and hid itself under the sofa.

Вправа 408

1. The girls were busy packing when one of them suddenly remembered having left the milk on the stove which was probably boiling over. 2. Little David could not bear reciting his lessons in the presence of his stepfather and Miss Murdstone. They frightened him so that he could not help making mistakes though he tried hard to avoid displeasing them and being scolded. 3.1 landed in London on an autumn evening. My friends expected me home for the holidays, but had no idea of ??my returning so soon. I had purposely not informed them of my coming that I might have the pleasure of


taking them by surprise. And yet I had a feeling of disappointment in receiving (having received) no welcome. I even felt like crying. 4. The girl was proud of being chosen to represent the sportsmen of the school at the coming competition. She thanked her classmates for having chosen her and promised to do her best to win.

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