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Exercise 3. Rewrite the sentences replacing the italic part with Participle II.

  1. Additional Exercise
  2. C) Rewrite the paragraph putting in the correct punctuation (full stops and capital letters).
  3. Change the following imperative sentences into indirect speech.
  4. Change the following sentences according to the pattern.
  5. Change the pointed parts of the sentences with the infinitive construction.
  6. Choose the suitable form of the participle given in brackets.
  7. Complete the following sentences in appropriate ways, using one word for each blank space.

1. I have a cat that is called Tari.

2. The dinner was more expensive than they had expected.

3. He was accused of murder and arrested.

4. She was shocked by the bad news and burst into tears.

5. The event is organised by our team and will surely be a great success.

6. The film is based on real events and tells the story of a reporter.

7. She was born in Hollywood and knows all the famous movie stars.

8. The car was taken to the garage. It was repaired within an hour.

9. She was admired by everyone and began to grow arrogant.

10. He was dumped by his girlfriend and felt really lousy.

Exercise 4. Combine the clauses using participle constructions (Present, Perfect Participle or Participle II).

1. We were sitting in the bus shelter and waited for the rain to stop. 2. The documentation which was telecast last Tuesday was impressive. 3. We had great fun at the party. We played silly games. 4. He had saved a little money. He travelled to Australia. 5. They were chatting along and didn't see the car coming.
6. The reception had been prepared carefully and was a great success. 7. He was picked up by his mother and didn't have to wait for the bus. 8. She had finished her degree and started to work for an international company. 9. She was listening to the radio and didn't hear the doorbell. 10. The room had not been tidied up yet and looked like a battlefield.


Exercise 1. Translate the following sentences into Ukrainian. | Exercise 5. Fill in the correct participle form (Present Participle, Perfect Participle or Participle II).

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