Design for Decision

  1.  Are you saying that you can control your own destiny with good decisions?
  2.  Decision making
  3.  Okay, so creating a debate is crucial. What are some other ingredients of great decisions?
  5.  The Importance of Price and Pricing Decisions

Throughout this book I must have been critical of people who produce beautiful thoughts with little or no data behind them. Some readers may have felt that the decision-maker (прийняття рішення з використанням ЕОМ) is a cold-hearted, even grim, method of making decisions. These readers might admit that a machine may be all right for making the scientific decisions or even commercial decisions, but they may have felt that Statistical Decision had no place in their world, that it is meaningless insofar as personal, governmental, or international decisions are concerned.

I disagree with this point of view. I think that Statistical Decision must have played a useful role in a wider class of decisions which have a direct influence on all of us. I certainly do not consider Statistical Decision to be a panacea. It is one method among many methods of reaching decisions. It is not necessarily the best method; there are situations in which intuitive procedures lead to more effective decisions than any existing Decision-Maker. In fact I think that most people must have already used many of the principles in making their decisions. You may have felt that such concepts as mathematical expectations were new and unfamiliar. However, I am sure that you have had to make decisions on the basis of expectations, when you have had to combine probabilities and desirability (though you may not have used these names).

Вправа 11. Поставте наступні пропозиції в минулий час не змінюючи їх зміст, де це можливо, і переведіть їх:

1. Programs which the control unit operates must be in internal memory in order to be processed. 2. It is allowed to alter some features. 3. They are to discuss the results of their pilot research at the next meeting. 4. Drawings can be stored on a hard or floppy disk. 5. Before you start giving these instructions, however, you might like to know how to quit MS-DOS. 6. Also the memory cells could be given symbolic names instead of referring to them by their actual numeric (binary) addresses. 7. Anyone will be able to operate this menu driven program. 8. The costs of microelectronic would continue to decrease and we have not yet seen any significant departure from this law. 9. Each type of logic circuit may be implemented as a microelectronic circuit using microelectronic transistors and resistors. 10. You need to consider and make decisions on the following aspects.

Вправа 12. Виберіть варіант перекладу, відповідний наведеним повідомленнями:

message translation
 1. Can not recover nonremovable drive X.  а) Не слід відновлювати незнімний накопичувач Х; b) Не можна відновити незнімний накопичувач Х; c) Відновити незнімний накопичувач Х.
 2. Target disk can not be used for back-up.  а) Диск, на який здійснюється запис, не може бути використаний для резервного копіювання; b) Не використовуйте диск, на який здійснюється запис, для резервного копіювання; c) Диск, на який здійснюється запис, може бути використаний для резервного копіювання.
 3. Unable to create table in resident memory.  а) Можливо створити таблицю в резидентної пам'яті; b) Неможливо створити таблицю в резидентної пам'яті; c) Створіть таблицю в резидентної пам'яті.
 4. Target floppy may be unusable.  а) Дискета, на яку ведеться запис, є непридатною; b) Дискета, на яку ведеться запис, може бути непридатною; c) Дискета, на яку ведеться запис, повинна бути придатною.
 5. Drive letter must be specified.  а) Буква, яка визначає дисковод, повинна бути визначена; b) Буква, яка визначає дисковод, може бути визначена; c) Буква, яка визначає дисковод, визначена.


Вправа 13. Заповніть пропуски модальними дієсловами, російські еквіваленти яких дано в дужках:

Hard disk ... (може) be divided into one to four separate sections, called partitions. Partitions separate your hard disk into individual areas, and each partition ... (може) contain a different operating system.

To prepare your hard disk for the MS-DOS operating system, you ... (повинні) create a partition for MS-DOS, called a DOS partition. You ... (можете) create a DOS partition on your hard disk by using a menu driven utility called fdisk. You ... (повинні) use fdisk if you want to create or delete an extended DOS partition. You ... (повинні) to follow all the instructions to get the required results.

Вправа 14. Прочитайте текст і заповніть пропуски відповідними за змістом модальними дієсловами і даними в дужках инфинитивами а правильній формі:

Peripheral Equipment

The microcomputer ... (to communicate) with the outside world, so that programs and data ... (to enter) into its memory and processed information ... (to display) or (to transmit) in some form to the microcomputer user.

There are various types of peripheral equipment that ... (to attach) to microcomputers including keyboards and paper tape readers for input, and visual display units (VDUs) and printers for output. Information ... (to output) from the microcomputer on to magnetic tape or disk for storage and re-entered when required. Different sensors and actuators ... (to link) to the microcomputer for controlling instruments and machines.

 WILL / WOULD |  II. Вживання умовного способу.

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