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Discovery #3: Advanced Focus 10

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Use this exercise after you are completely comfortable with Discovery

Exercise #2.

Resonant Energy Balloon (REBAL)

You have recharged and revitalized your energy with Resonant Tuning. Now

you will use this energy to create a moving field, a Resonant Energy

Balloon (REBAL) around you. Create a flow pattern with your breath by

letting energy flow out of the top or your head like a fountain, allowing

it to continue flowing gently down and around you, and then reentering

your body, through the bottoms of your feet. Then shift the flow pattern

into a spiral, winding the energy down around you and coiling it back up

inside you. You will automatically reabsorb this energy at the end of any


Your REBAL is an intensification of your own energy, helping to create a

high energy state* within and around you. Operating on a principle of

resonance, in accordance with the Gateway Affirmation, your REBAL is like

a sieve or filter: only, energy that is equal to, or of a higher, or more

refined, vibration than yours will have access to your energy field. As

such, your REBAL is a shield from energy forms that you may not want to be influenced by at any particular moment. The REBAL also acts as a magnet, attracting the influences and guidance from higher energy forms. The more you build your REBAL, the more your physical body will be able to sustain higher and higher energy levels, until Focus 10 can become a launch pad from which you will float or move into other energy states.

* For the purposes of this Manual, high energy state refers to an enhanced

state of awareness that embraces methods of perception not ordinarily used in physical, waking consciousness. (Please see Gateway .)

While in a high energy state, one has available a broader range of

perceptions with which to solve problems, develop creativity, obtain

guidance, or simply enjoy greater awareness of, and interaction with, one's internal and external reality.

A high energy state is not to be confused with hyperactivity, or excess

energy. Nor is it "higher" in the sense of "better" than any other state

of awareness. It does, however, reflect the expansion and integration of

personal awareness, enabling one to lead a more fulfilling life.

Your REBAL may spontaneously assume a different energy flow form, such as having a delicate membrane, in contrast to being a force field, or

becoming radiant, like an intensified aura. Since we exist in our own

energy field, like fish unaware of being in the water, the actual

perception of your REBAL often becomes a function of need. Although you

may not always perceive your REBAL, a good exercise is to play with

sensing it in some manner. For example, sense it through visions,

feelings, and/or muscle sensations.

You can learn to "pop" your REBAL into place, turning it on or extending

it while in either C-1 or in Focus 10, much like you would switch on a

flashlight; simply by using one resonant energy breath as the switch.

Inhale vital energy, and as you hold it, think of a bright moving circle

with the number ten inside it. Let it move down, around, and over you as

you exhale. You will automatically reabsorb your REBAL, or you can choose to draw the circle back into yourself as you inhale.

Build and rebuild your REBAL, store the energy as you would in a charged

battery, then turn it on and use it. Experiment. Extend your REBAL while

you are in a group of people and see if its resonance will create a

response in people like yourself. Discover if doing so draws their

attention to you much as striking a tuning fork will activate others in

harmony with it. For another experiment, extend it around your car while

you are driving. Find out if you experience better traffic patterns, or if

it helps you find a parking space a little easier.

Return to Focus 10

You will count down to C-1 once, and then return to Focus 10 for

reinforcement of this exercise.


REBAL, Focus 10, and Return to C-1.

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