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Read the text again and complete the sentences.

  1. A letter that is unclear and incomplete may lead to a delay in fulfilling a request.
  2. Be Clear and Complete
  3. Complete the text with words from the box.
  4. Complete the text with words from the box.
  5. Complete the text with words from the box.
  6. Complete the text with words from the box.
  7. Exercise 1. State whether the object clauses are introduced asyndetically or syndetically. In the latter case pick out connectives. Translate the sentences.

1. The P-N-P transistor is ... .

2. The geometry of junction transistors differs depending on ... .

3. ... the transistor may be considered as two diodes.

4. The emitter-base constitutes ... .

5. ... are the majority current carriers in the emitter-base diode.

6. The emitter-collector circuit is ... .

7. Collector current may be controlled readily by ... .

8. ... may also be made with an N-P-N configuration.

9. Base current will increase or decrease very little when ... .

10. Changes in emitter-base bias will result in ... .

Match the terms in Table A with their definitions in Table B.

Table A Table B
1. beam 2. satellite 3. transistor 4. base 5. sensitivity a. The ability to react to very small changes in light, heat, movement etc. b. The lowest part or surface of something [= bottom] c. A line of light, energy etc that you cannot see. d. A machine that has been sent into space and goes around the Earth, moon etc, used for radio, television, and other electronic communication. d. A small piece of electronic equipment in radios, televisions etc that controls the flow of electricity.


23. Summarize the text "Junction Transistors" in 150 words.

24. Divide into 2 groups. Group 1 translates Extract A and group 2 - extract B of the text with a dictionary in writing.


Language Work | Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form. | Use your own ideas to complete the sentences. | Match the following sentences with their translations. | Semiconductors of N-Type and P-Type | Read the text again and select from the multiple choice the only solution to each problem. | Act as an interpreter. Translate the description of N-type and P-type- semiconductors given by your group mates from English into Russian. | UNIT II | Translate the following international words without a dictionary. | The P-N Junction |

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