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Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

  1. Adverbs. Pronouns.
  2. B Read the text and underline the correct alternatives.
  3. B Read the text and underline the correct alternatives.
  4. Balancing Verbs
  5. Be Correct in Every Detail
  6. Check the comprehension of the text and choose the variant, which you think is correct.
  7. English modal verbs having not always modal verb equivalents in Ukrainian.

1. What (occur) if holes and electrons (meet) in a semiconductor?

2. We (get) an N-type semiconductor, if we (add) arsenic to silicon.

3. If gallium (introduce) into a silicon crystal, it (result) into a P-type semiconductor.

4. If the electron (have no) pair, it easily (free) itself.

5. A semiconductor (call) an N-type semiconductor, if the holes (be) the minority charge carriers.

6. If the thermal agitation (apply) to the silicon crystal, we (have) the holes, moving in the same way as the holes introduced by atoms of gallium.

3. Write a sentence with if/when ... for each situation.

For example:

We can't pretend to the best mark on Electronics without the knowledge on P-type and N-type semiconductors.

If we have knowledge on P-type and N-type semiconductors we will pretend to the best mark.

1. I am not creating an impurity semiconductor, because I have no necessary equipment. If/when ..., I... .

2. I am not a member of the scientific group of the Semiconductor Development Department, so my name is not mentioned in the diploma. My name ..., if/when I ... .

3. I have always wanted to be a famous actor, and I'm not interested in conferences in physics.

If I ..., my attention ... .

4. My father works at the plant developing new types of semiconductor devices, and he is going to represent some of his equipment at a technical exhibition.

If my father ... , he ...


Language Work | Use your own ideas to complete the sentences.

Match the following sentences with their translations. | Semiconductors of N-Type and P-Type | Read the text again and select from the multiple choice the only solution to each problem. | Act as an interpreter. Translate the description of N-type and P-type- semiconductors given by your group mates from English into Russian. | UNIT II | Translate the following international words without a dictionary. | The P-N Junction | The P-N Junction | Joining P- and N-Type Germanium | The Prepositional Absolute Participial Construction |

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