Comment on the phonetic phenomena to be observed in the following exercises. Practise reading them.

  1. A syllable as a phonetic unit.
  2. After reading
  3. Aims of communication and phonetic means in formal and informal communication.
  4. Alerts & Commentary ( ).
  5. Analyse the following examples and translate them.
  6. Answer the following questions
  7. Answer the following questions.


My red pencilYour weak pointHer short coatHis great troubleTheir old clock Glad to see you.I want to ask you.He has not got it.He does not teach her. Let me see.I do not know.We do not like it.He does not learn it. Not nowRight nowStop MaryLate at night


What nasty weather.What wonderful roses.What lovely violets you've got.What valuable pearls she has. How pretty she is.How clever of you.How nice of you to come to see me.How strange this old man is.


dear - dare- doertear - tear - tourmere - mare - moor a rear cornera spare minutea poor animal bottledoublesimpleriddle modelidlebuttonbeaten rottenpatternhiddenforbidden


Oh dear, it's quite clear.

There are tears in her eyes.

There is not much time.

It is not quite right.

She has not got a piano.


trialtriumphquiettyrantadmiredesire a famous scientista cruel piratea fragrant violeta cold showera clean towela front vowel

Intonation Exercises

1. Read each of the phrases below three times: with the falling, rising and falling-rising intonation.

a / Satisfactory.b / Impossible.c / Finally.d / On Saturday.e / Mr. Robinson.f / In Moscow.g / To New York.h / Next Year.i / To the North.j / All right. k / Thank you.l / Again.m / At night.n / ??Today.o / Now.p / She is here.q / Mind the step.r / Enjoy the music.s / Do not be late.t / Come to my place, please.

PHONETIC RULES | Read the questions with the intonation appropriate for each question type.

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