Exercise 1

  2. Comment on the phonetic phenomena to be observed in the following exercises. Practise reading them.
  3. Exercise 1
  4. Exercise 1
  5. Exercise 1
  6. Exercise 1, p. 7-8.

The following words are from the text. Use your dictionary to find the other parts of speech. Check the pronunciation and meaning.

noun verb noun adj. adj. verb
teacher     deep large  
  think picture     clean
  look   honest wide  
rule       broad  

Add your own words.

Exercise 2

Answer the following questions:

1.What did Judy mean by "classes" and "campus"? 2. Why did Judy mention "ice-cream", "corn-meal mush" in her letter? 3. What to Judy's mind was the trouble with college? 4. What joke went all over college? 5. Why did Judy keep still when the girls spoke about things she didn't know? 6. Why didn't Judy study at night no matter how many written reviews were coming in the morning? 7. In what way did Judy want to catch up? 8. What did Judy mean by saying that she was at least honest? 9. What did Judy mean by saying "writing this letter off and on for two days"? 10. Where had Judy studied before college? 11. Why did Judy feel embarrassed at times? 12. What did Judy mean by "blank years" and "abyss of ignorance"? 13. What shows that the text was written by an American writer?

Exercise 3

What is the Ukrainian for:

blank wall, blank look, blank verse, blank sheet, blank page, blank form, blank cheque, blank years.

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