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  2. Comment on the phonetic phenomena to be observed in the following exercises. Practise reading them.
  3. Exercise 1
  4. Exercise 1
  5. Exercise 1
  6. Exercise 1
  7. Exercise 1, p. 7-8.

²Listen to the recording and put correct nuclear tones. Analyze the speaker's attitude. Transcribe and intone the sentences.

1) How are you today?

2) Where exactly are you from?

3) Why do you want to practise and improve your English?

4) What's your name?

5) Who is your best friend?

6) Where are you from?

7) When is your birthday?

8) How are you?

9) Why are you late?

10) How do I find the time to learn English?

11) Why don't you listen to a cassette or a CD with real information?

12) How much time do you spend watching television?

13) How was the flight?

14) What facilities are there in the hotel?

15) Where are our umbrellas?

16) What's your profession?

17) What country are you from?

18) Where do you live there? What's your address?

19) Whose camera is this?

20 Where's my camera? I can't find it.

21) Who is that woman with the tape-recorder?


²Here are 6 questions that are usually asked during a job interview. Restore the jumbled sentences and read them aloud with the proper intonation. Transcribe the sentences.

1) else this you can no bring that to what company one can?

2) motivate what you things?

3) this company why you did choose?

4) working you're may why I ask in interested us for?

5) mind you me telling a would little bit present about job your?

6) you do think why you right for the candidate this are position?

EXERCISE 12 | II. 3. Alternative questions

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