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  2. Comment on the phonetic phenomena to be observed in the following exercises. Practise reading them.
  3. Exercise 1
  4. Exercise 1
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  6. Exercise 1
  7. Exercise 1, p. 7-8.

Practise pronouncing sentences with parenthetical words in initial position.

a) However, two years later he married her and they had twins.

For instance, Burns is unique for the melody of his verses, for his wisdom and sense of humour.

Besides, I'd like you to send us some more material on life in Russia.

Well, it seems we've got a chance of doing the sights of Moscow.

As a matter of fact, in my current job I'm in charge of a team of 8 brokers.

May be, I can help you.

Well, you choose.

As a rule, I don't eat sweets.

Besides, I don't go out with strangers.

But frankly speaking, I didn't like the acting.

b) Ladies and gentlemen! We wish you a pleasant stay in Kyiv!

Ellen, stop making a fuss!

c) The teacher said:" Hand in your works."

She asked: "What are you waiting for?"

George promised:"I will manage".


Pronounce the sentences with parenthetical words in the middle. Define the type of parenthetical words in each sentence, i.e. say whether there is a parenthesis, a direct address or a reporting phrase.

1) We are, in general, very well informed.

2) I'm terribly sorry, Mr. Clarke, I didn't know.

3) We all depend, actually, on a lot of things.

4) "And the research, - she put in, - was not carried out."

5) All juices are good for you: tomato, apple, apricot and, of course, pineapple juice.

6) You might as well bring your friends.

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