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V. Навчально-методичний блок.

  1. IV. Інформаційний блок.
  2. IV. Інформаційний блок.
  3. IV. Інформаційний блок.
  4. V. Навчально-методичний блок
  5. V. Навчально-методичний блок.

1. Самостійно вивчіть і законспектуйте теоретичний матеріал по темі [1 с. 255 - 260].

2. відзвітувати тренувальні вправи [1, с.260-265].

3. a) Intone the replies in the following situations attaching equal semantic prominence to both parts of them .

1. - I do not see any point in it.

- I do not | either.

2. - I can not think what to say.

- Leave it entirely to me | and do not say anything at all.

3. - What do you think of their decision?

- It was not exactly sensational, | was it?

4. - He says he's got an appointment.

- Well, he could come afterwards | and do something about it.

b) Intone the following conversational situations, presenting the second part of the response as an afterthought or an additional remark.

1. - He insists on doing it alone.

- Well, let him get on with it for the time being.

2. - So you were not able to go to the cinema that evening?

- No, but I saw the film a day later, at the Odeon.

3. - What shall I say to them? How can I explain everything?

- Do not say anything at all, unless you really have to.

4. - Anywhere special you want to sit?

- It's all the same to me, since it will not be for long, anyhow.

4. Find 8 examples of sentences illustrating the cases of prosodic co-ordination (4 sentences) and subordination (4 sentences). Be ready to comment on your choice.

VI. Питання для самоконтролю.

1. What types of semantic relations may exist between the adjacent parts of an utterance?

2. Co-ordinative and subordinative tone-sequences always correlate with grammatical coordination and subordination, do not they?

3. What are the specific features of co-ordinative relations? Subordinative relations? Relations of mutual dependence?

IV. Інформаційний блок. | I. Анотація

МЕТОДИЧНІ РЕКОМЕНДАЦІЇ | IV. Інформаційний блок. | V. Навчально-методичний блок. | IV. Інформаційний блок. | Before you start learning the theoretical material make sure that you know the given below words. Transcribe and translate them. | V. Навчально-методичний блок | VI. контрольний блок | Task II. Finish the utterances choosing the correct variant. | Task III. Finish the sentences from the left column using the correct information from the right column. | COMPOUND TUNES. |

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