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  1. Crankshaft-refitting
  2. If the fuel pressure regulator is cocked during refitting, it will not seal properly
  3. Jammed, start over by refitting the bearing
  4. Refitting
  5. Refitting
  6. Refitting

13.6b Remove the intake manifold bolts/ nuts and remove the intake manifold

may include the gasket for the air chamber cover. Unless the engine has covered a high mileage or you suspect a vacuum leak at the mating surfaces, don't unbolt the air chamber cover. If it's necessary to renew the gasket, unbolt the cover, clean the surfaces, position the new gasket and reinstall the cover.

14 Fit a new gasket/O-ring seals, then position the manifold on the cylinder head and refit the nuts/bolts.

15 Tighten the nuts/bolts in three or four equal steps to the torque listed in this Chapter's Specifications. Work from the centre out towards the ends to avoid warping the manifold.

16 Refit the remaining parts in the reverse order of removal.

17 Before starting the engine, check the throttle linkage for smooth operation.

18 Run the engine and check for coolant and vacuum leaks.

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