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ECM retaining bolts (arrowed)

  1. A Remove the two nuts (smaller arrows) retaining the coolant neck to the cylinder head, then remove the top bolt (larger arrow) from the coolant pump
  2. Air conditioning refrigerant sight glass (arrowed)
  3. Align the crankshaft drivebelt pulley notch (arrowed) with the 0 (zero) on the timing cover
  4. B . . . and lower support (arrowed)
  5. B Throttle body mounting bolts (arrowed) - VVT-i engines
  6. C Measure the rotor tip clearance with a feeler gauge - rotor marks (arrowed)
  7. Depress the clip (arrowed) and disconnect the injector wiring plugs

4A-12 Fuel and exhaust systems

12.77 Release the locking catch (arrowed) 12.82 Camshaft position sensor retaining
and disconnect the ECM wiring plugs bolt (arrowed)
77 Release the catch and disconnect the 84 Tighten the retaining bolt to the specified
ECM wiring plugs (see illustration). torque, and reconnect the wiring plug.

Crankshaft position sensor wiring plug (arrowed)

of the sensor. Compare the readings obtained with those given in the Specifications at the


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