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14 If the air coming out of the heater vents isn't hot, the problem could stem from any of the following causes:

a) The thermostat is stuck open, preventing the engine coolant from warming-up enough to carry heat to the heater matrix.

Renew the thermostat (see Section 3).

b) A heater hose is blocked, preventing the flow of coolant through the heater matrix.

Feel both heater hoses at the bulkhead.

They should be hot. If one of them is cold, there is an obstruction in one of the hoses or in the heater matrix, or the heater control valve is shut. Detach the hoses and back flush the heater matrix with a garden hose. If the heater matrix is clear but circulation is impeded, remove the two hoses and flush them out with a garden hose.

c) If flushing fails to remove the blockage from the heater matrix, the matrix must be renewed (see Section 10).

15 If the blower motor speed does not

12.12a High-pressure service port 12.12b High-pressure service port 12.13 Low-pressure service port
(arrowed) - single headlight models (arrowed) - twin headlight models all models

Cooling, heating and air conditioning systems 3-11

correspond to the setting selected on the blower switch, the problem could be a bad fuse, circuit, switch, blower motor resistor or motor (see Sections 9 and 11).

16 If there isn't any air coming out of the vents:

a) Turn the ignition ON and activate the fan control. Place your ear at the heating/air conditioning register (vent) and listen.

Most motors are audible. Can you hear the motor running?

b) If you can't (and have already verified that the blower switch and the blower motor

resistor are good), the blower motor itself is probably defective (see Section 9).

17 If the carpet under the heater matrix is damp, or if antifreeze vapour or steam is coming through the vents, the heater matrix is leaking. Remove it (see Section 10) and install a new unit (most radiator workshops will not repair a leaking heater matrix).

18 Inspect the drain hose from the heater/ air conditioning assembly at the left-hand side of the bulkhead, make sure it is not clogged.

13 Air conditioning receiver/drier -removal and refitting

Warning: The air conditioning system is under high pressure. Do not loosen any hose fittings or

Remove any components until the system has been discharged. Air conditioning refrigerant may only be discharged by a dealer service department or an automotive air conditioning specialist. Always wear eye protection when disconnecting air conditioning system fittings even after the system has been discharged.

Note:On models manufactured after October1999, the receiver/drier is integral with the condenser. If faulty, the condenser must be renewed - consult a Toyota dealer.


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