1. Brake fluid renewal
  2. Renewal
  3. Spark plug renewal

6 Drain the coolant (see Chapter 1).

7 Disconnect the wiring connector from the sender unit (see illustrations). On 4A-FE engines, the sender is located on the rear of the engine (see illustration 7.10)

8 Using a deep socket or a spanner, remove the sender unit.

4 Using a continuity tester on the blower motor resistor, there should be continuity between all terminals. If not, renew the resistor.

5 If the blower motor must be renewed,

Disconnect the wiring plug, then remove the three mounting screws and lower the blower assembly from the housing (see illustrations). The fan can be removed and re-used on the new blower motor.

9.3 Undo the blower motor resistor 9.5a Undo the three retaining screws 9.5b. . .and lower the blower motor from
retaining screws (arrowed) (arrowed)... position

3-8 Cooling, heating and air conditioning systems

10.4a If available, use clamps on the heater hoses. . .


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