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Non-VVT-i engines

  1. All engines
  2. All engines
  3. All engines
  4. And 1.6 litre non-VVT-i models
  5. B Throttle body mounting bolts (arrowed) - VVT-i engines
  6. Do not mix different types of ethylene glycol anti- freeze containing corrosion inhibitors for alumi- nium engines
  7. Element (Non-VVT-i engines)

1 Remove the oil dipstick, oil sump and the oil pick-up/strainer assembly (see Section 12).

2 Remove the timing belt, idler pulley and spring, crankshaft pulley, crankshaft sprocket (see Section 5) and, on 1.3 litre engines, undo the nut and remove the oil pump sprocket.

5 Where fitted, remove the crankshaft position sensor (see illustration). Unbolt and remove the oil dipstick pipe. On 1.3 litre engines, remove the oil pressure relief valve from the engine block.

6 Remove the bolts and detach the oil pump body from the engine (see illustration). You may have to pry carefully between the main bearing cap and the pump body with a screwdriver, or tap behind the oil pump with a soft-faced hammer. On 1.3 litre engines, remove the O-ring.

5 Use a scraper to remove all traces of sealant and old gasket material from the pump body and engine block, then clean the mating surfaces with lacquer thinner or acetone.

6 Remove the five Torx screws (1.6 litre engine) and separate the pump cover from the body. Lift out the drive and driven rotors (see illustrations).

7 Remove the oil pressure relief valve circlip retainer, spring and piston.

Warning: The spring is tightly compressed - be careful and wear eye protection.


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