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Non-VVT-i engines

  1. All engines
  2. All engines
  3. All engines
  4. And 1.6 litre non-VVT-i models
  5. B Throttle body mounting bolts (arrowed) - VVT-i engines
  6. Do not mix different types of ethylene glycol anti- freeze containing corrosion inhibitors for alumi- nium engines
  7. Element (Non-VVT-i engines)

1 Remove the timing belt and crankshaft sprocket (see Section 5).

2 Note how far the seal is recessed in the bore, then carefully pry it out of the oil pump housing with a screwdriver or seal removal tool

(see illustration).Don't scratch the housingbore or damage the crankshaft in the process (if the crankshaft is damaged, the new seal will end up leaking). Note: The seal may be easier to remove if the old seal lip is cut with a sharp utility knife first (see illustration).

3 Clean the bore in the housing and coat the outer edge of the new seal with engine oil or multi-purpose grease. Apply a little grease to the seal lip.


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