Brake fluid renewal

  1. A brake hose is loosened or removed The brake fluid level is very low Brake operation is faulty
  3. Be sure to hold the front brake when removing the engine, or the motorcycle may fall over. The engine or the motorcycle could be damaged.
  4. Brake Disc
  5. Brake Hose
  6. Brake Lever and Brake Pedal

Non-VVT-i models -

Every 30 000 km or 2 years

VVT-i models -

Every 32 000 km or 2 years

Warning: Brake hydraulic fluid can harm your eyes and damage painted surfaces, so use extreme

Caution when handling and pouring it. Do not use fluid that has been standing open for some time, as it absorbs moisture from the air. Excess moisture can cause a dangerous loss of braking effectiveness.

1 The procedure is similar to that for the bleeding of the hydraulic system as described in Chapter 9, except that the brake fluid reservoir should be emptied by syphoning, using a clean ladle or similar before starting, and allowance should be made for the old fluid to be expelled when bleeding a section of the circuit.

2 Working as described in Chapter 9, open the first bleed screw in the sequence, and pump the brake pedal gently until nearly all the old fluid has been emptied from the master cylinder reservoir.

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