· I would like / I find it necessary to have a closer look at the vocabulary of the text;

· The vocabulary of the text can be grouped around the main events described in it / dwelt upon in the text under study;

· As the author describes flying by plane it's quite natural that we observe some words and phrases denoting devices on board the plane such as...;

· Since the text focuses on ... it is possible to single out a group of verbs denoting operations in cooking;

· As the main characters of the text are discussing the process of ... we can trace some verbs of saying such as to say, to tell, to answer, to reply and some adverbs describing their emotional state: eagerly, lightly, seriously, interestedly, etc.;

· The text is abundant in the use of synonyms (proper and contextual ones);

· The author uses a number of synonyms describing John's character. We find such adjectives as...;

· The use of such synonymous verbs as to rush and to hurry describing Jane's movements helps to understand her character / the way she feels;

· The extensive use of antonyms (proper and contextual ones) is observed in the text.

Assignments for Self-Control

1. What is speaking and writing practice aimed at?

2. What does a detailed discussion of the text presuppose?

3. What functional styles are distinguished in English?

4. What is the difference between a novel and a short story?

5. In what person is a narration usually done?

6. What types of information can be elicited from belles-lettres texts?

7. What steps should be observed while writing a summary?

8. What are the essential features of a summary?

9. What words and phrases can be referred to a thematic group?

10. What words are called synonyms/antonyms?

ª Assignments for Text Analysis

1. Present the text commenting on its genre, the form of narration, the general emotional tinge, the main characters and the place where the scene is laid.

2. Formulate the factual information of the text.

3. Divide the factual information of the extract into logically complete parts.

4. Speak about the main characters of the story. Give as much information about them as you can. Describe the author's attitude to Susan and Peter and the relations between them.

5. Formulate the conceptual information of the text as you see it.

6. Summarize the factual information of the text.

7. Group words and word-combinations around the main events of the text and compile thematic groups.

8. Account for the presence of certain thematic groups you have singled out.

9. Comment on the role of synonyms in the text.

10. Point out antonyms in the text. Are they numerous?

v Compose and write a coherent essay of the text "The Telegram" by S. J. Simon including its presentation, summary and vocabulary analysis.


Yauza is arguably one of the most ancient European rivers. Pre-Yauza first appeared in Permian-Triassic period, at which time it was flowing to the east of its present riverbed, down what is nowIzmailovo Gully. After being periodically submerged during Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, the region finally became land in Tertiary period. Due to minor elevation changes, Yauza changed its course to its present condition, while its former riverbed taken by present-day Serebryanka river, which is part of Yauza basin and flows in the westward direction opposite to original Yauza[10].

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