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  1. A. Complete these sentences so that they refer to other people.
  2. Activity. Wars, for example, can be economically very disruptive. Still other economists view the
  3. And conduct transfers of money and bullion with central banks in other countries.
  4. And ladies, and other groups of dazzling lesser folk, talking earnestly together
  5. And other individuals and firms found the United States to be a very attractive place in which
  6. Another girl
  7. Another mocking laugh fell upon his ear. It was from the lame ruffian, who

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5.0 out of 5 stars MAGNIFICENT MUSIC! GREAT SOUND!,February 23, 2004


R. A POKATILOFF "ronpokatiloff" (ZION, IL USA) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Dream Letter (Double CD) (Audio CD)

If you are interested in progressive folk-pop, then you will love this masterpiece! The material is mostly taken from Tim's first three LPs: the only ones you should buy. (If you have a jazz-freeform interest, you may like his next records, ending before GREETINGS FROM LA, a R&B offering. Buckley has one of the best sounding voices: Jamie Clark has the best! But what makes Tim the best singer is his artistic use of his vocal chords. They say he never sings a song the same each time, and I think they are right. He is far better live! but PLEASANT STREET is great in the studio, with the conga and organ additions. BUZZIN' FLY and PHANTASMAGRORIA IN TWO are excellent, but you will love almost everything on disc one. The second disc has Tim expanding, but you will find some nice improvising there. The sound is great; you feel like Tim and Lee, and the others, are right in front of you. The best selection is PLEASANT STREET---: I would pay 100 bucks just to hear this one song. That's how good Tim Buckley is, or was! GET THIS ONE!!!!

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