Do not use articles with this / that / these / those

  1. A). Match these words
  2. A) .Match these parts
  3. A. Complete these sentences so that they refer to other people.
  4. Account and capital account and these deficits are financed by net borrowing and changes in
  5. And Tom Canty, quaintly but richly clothed, marched down, between these
  6. Answer these questions using your knowledge and experience.
  7. Answer these questions.
to occupy-
surface -
total area -
square -
to wash -
to border on -
There is hardly a country in the world ... - ...
variety- ,
scenery- ,
plain -
highland- ',
chain -
to separate -
to flow-
to count-
to concentrate - c,
vast -
iron ore -
copper -
mineral resources-
head of state -
to exercise- ,
complicated - ,
to decrease- ,
the rate of inflation -
to go bankrupt-
in spite of -
the younger generation-

Ex.1. :

1. Where is the Russian Federation situated?

2. What is the total area of ??the country?

3. What countries does Russia border on?

4. What mountain chain separates Europe from Asia?

5. How many rivers are there in Russia?

6. Which is the longest river in Europe?

7. What do you know about Lake Baikal?

8. Do you know what strait separates Russia from America?

9. What mineral resources is the Russian Federation rich in?

10. What is the climate like in Russia?

11. What can you say about the Russian economy?

12. What great Russians do you know?

Ex.2. :

Occupy; earth's surface; cover; border on; a variety of scenery; mountain chains; flow into; various types of climate; subtropical; in the middle; temperate; iron ore; natural gas; parliamentary republic; legislative powers; exercise; complicated; decrease; rise; the rate of inflation; lose jobs; in spite of; opportunities.

Ex.3. :

; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; .

Ex.4. :

1. The country is washed by ...

2. Its total area is about ...

3. The largest mountain chain, the Urals, separates ... ...

4. Russia is very rich in ...

5. Russia is a ... ...

6. The industrial production is ...

Ex.5. :

1. The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world.

2. The country is washed by 12 seas of 3 oceans.

3. It has a sea-border with the USA.

4. There are two Great Plains in Russia.

5. Russia is a parliamentary republic.

6. The legislative powers are exercised by the Duma.

Ex.6. , :

1. Surface; occupies; one-seventh; about; it; of the; earth's.

2. Covers; the eastern part; Europe; of; it; and; of Asia; the northern; part.

3. The USA; it; has; with; also; a sea-border.

4. Of the country; there are; chains; several; mountain; on the territory.

5. The Duma; by; the legislative; are; powers; exercised.

Ex.7. :

1. Te Russian Federation is situated in he western part of Europe and the southern part of Asia.

2. Its total area is about 20 million square kilometers.

3. There are two Great Plains in Russia.

4. There are over five million rivers in Russia.

5. Europe's biggest river, the Lena, flows into the Caspian Sea.

6. Russia is a constitution monarchy.

7. The head of State is the king.

Ex.8. :

1. The Russian Federation () about one-seventh of the earth's surface.

2. The country () by 12 seas of 3 oceans.

3. There are ( ) in Russia.

4. The largest mountain chain, the Urals, () Europe from Asia.

5. Europe's biggest river, the Volga, () into the Caspian Sea.

6. Russia is a () republic.

Ex.9. , :

1. Geographical position.

2. A variety of scenery and vegetation.

3. Rivers and lakes in Russia.

4. Various resources.

5. About political and economic situation.

Do not use articles with this / that / these / those

Name Present Continuous Past Simple
Rule We use PC when we talk about the action1) which is happening NOW # I'm sleeping now2) when we talk about our plans# I'm coming soon. 3) when you complain about smth.# You're always eating! We use PS when we talk about the action which happened in the past in general.
Markers now; soon; always, constantly yesterday, a year ago, last month, when I was 5
Structure am is are + Ving J + V2/ Ved.... (+) // J + did not + V1.... (-)
Special features We do not use in PC: like, believe, know, have (), love, prefer, understand, want, wish There are many irregular verbs.
Monkey Job She is eating. Is she eating? She is not eating.Where is she eating? She wanted it. Did she want it? She did not want it. What did she want?

Moe . , . 7, 7 , . ̳ , . , . , . - . , . ! ': , ! My awesome morning. Excuse me, but I'd like to tell you about my usual morning. I wake up at 7, but I usually do not get up at 7, I turn over and go on sleeping again. My alarm clock rings but I throw it or turn it off. Then I get up and run into the bathroom to clean my teeth and have a wash. My pets are always hungry, as I never have time to feed them. I eat something strange for breakfast and leave my house in a hurry. I catch a bus to get to school. That's my morning! And remember: sometimes I'm bored but I'm not boring.
. , , , . , ( !), . . , ? , ( ) , , ... , - ! ! - ! I'm sad.I'm very sad because nobody wants to play with me, but usually everybody plays with me and I like playing with everybody. Now my mom is sleeping, my dad is eating (he is constantly eating something!), My friends are watching TV. But now I do not want to watch TV. By the way, what is my dog ??doing? It seems to me, it is dreaming (it's constantly dreaming!). Well, well, well ... but I'm sure it's waking up soon! Cool! My dog ??is my best friend!
̳ ! - , ! ! , . , ! . ! -. ! My evening! Evening is something special, it's a different thing! In the evening I prefer to have a ball! I never stay in, but I go out somewhere with my friends. I do not like going to bed early, I enjoy having fun! I come home late and go to bed at once. Though I'm tired of it! I want to change something. That's my evening!


Sanjay's alarm clock rings at 7.00 but he usually turns over and goes back to sleep because he's tired. Sometimes he throws the alarm clock across the room. So he wakes up late and runs into the bathroom to have a wash and brush his teeth. He does not have time to have a shower. He goes downstairs and turns the radio on to listen to music while he has breakfast. He does not have time to eat and he has to drink his tea in a hurry, because he's always late. He leaves the house and runs to the bus stop to catch his bus. He gets to college at 9.00 (well, usually at 9.20) and finishes at 4.00. He comes home at about 4.30 and has his dinner. After dinner, he sometimes watches TV, but he usually does not stay in and goes out with friends. He comes home late - 2 or 3 o'clock sometimes - and he goes to bed and falls asleep at once.

Do you like ......? Do you like getting up and going to school? No, no! I enjoy having fun! Do you like sitting down and doing exams? No, no! I enjoy watching films! Do you like washing up and cleaning your room? No, no! I enjoy playing games! I do not like housework! And I hate homework! I love relaxing with my friends! Does he like ... Johnny's SongJohnny's playing football, Johnny's playing footballHe's wearing all his school clothes and getting very dirty.Johnny! Your mother's coming! (2x) Mary's eating chocolate, Mary's eating chocolate.She's eating lots of chocolate and now she is not hungry.Mary! Your dinner's ready! (2x) The kids are drawing pictures, the kids are drawing pictures.They are not doing the exercise they're just drawing pictures. Kids! The teacher's looking! (2x)
Tongue-Twister SongBuy it, use it, break it, fix it, Trash it, change it, mail - upgrade it, Charge it, pawn it, zoom it, press it, Snap it, work it, quick - erase it, Write it, cut it, paste it, save it, Load it, check it, quick - rewrite it, Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, Drag and drop it, zip - unzip it, Lock it, fill it, call it, find it, View it, code it , jam - unlock it, Surf it, scroll it, pause it, click it, Cross it, crack it, switch - update it, Name it, rate it, tune it, print it, Scan it, send it, fax - rename it, Touch it, bring it, pay it, watch it, Turn it, leave it, stop - format it.Technologic




Polite Noises

1. IntroductionLet me introduce myself. I'm ... - I'm Dean.Nice to meet you! - Nice to meet you too! (Pleased to meet you). 2. InterruptionSorry to interrupt you but I have to go (gotta go). I'm in a hurry. It was really nice to talk to you. Say hi to your granny! I hope to see you again. Take care! Bye!

Pronunciation / pr??n?nsie???n /

Hey! Why do you think that I am an overweight, unattractive, bald guy with a disgusting beard and moustache, with muscular, straight, thin arms and a square tummy? Answer my question right now! Though guess what? I'm not going to vacuum your disgusting carpets, iron your clothes, ride your bicycle and argue with different jerks for you anymore! Later! Please, calm down!

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