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TASK 18.Translate the sentences, pay attention to rendering condition.

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1. The effects on sterling and on our long run economic position had we taken any other course would undoubtedly have been serious and lasting..

2. For a while the conversation turned on stocks and shares. I should have been surprised to discover that. Elliott was very knowledgeable on the subject if I had not long been aware that for all Ms nonsense he was nobody's fool.

3. The Bar had never really suited me, I had not once thought of going back. And yet, if I could have been content with it I should have had a smoother time. I shouldn't be in the middle of this present, crisis.

4. Two or three times in their married life the doctor had said to his wife: "If George English had been anything but a coward he would have gone to the directors like a man and said, "Gentlemen, I have been using the bank's funds for my own uses. I am willing, to work hard and make it up." And I know the directors would have admired that stand, and they would have given him a chance to make good. But ..."

5. He had been an abnormally too fighting officer in both wars, and had commanded a division in the second, that had been his ceiling. If he had been even reasonably capable, the military in the clubs used to say, he couldn't have helped but go right to the top, since it was hard for a man to be better connected.

6. Wei, he got me out of town by a route which, if I could have remembered it, let alone followed it, would have made the path into the Labyrinth at Knossos seem like a thorough way.

7. But manuscripts were costly, only the few scholars could read them, and so no doubt it would have remained had not a new art come in to multiply writing.

8. It was an administrator's trick, which Rose or Douglas or I could have done ourselves. Still it was impressive. It would have been more so if I had watched him dealing with another's life. Since it was my own life, I found if at times deranging,

9. Neither Getliffe nor Luke realised what Roger was up to. Yet, if they had, they would not have minded much. I believed in his purpose, but it. would have comforted me to know why he did it. Perhaps I thought once or twice that autumn, it would have comforted him too.

10. In Montana to which I had returned, the rise is gradual, and were it not for a painted sign I never would have known when I crossed it.

11. If it had not been for me, his own brother would have shut him up for life.

12. This was the world Fitzgerald grew up in, desiring with all the intensity of his nature to succeed according to its standards and always conscious of hovering socially on the edge of it, alternating between assertion and uncertainty because of his acute awareness that Ms Foothold was unsure. None of the tilings that bothered him would have made a serious impression on him had it not been for Ms already established insecurity.

13. If it had not been for Ms encouragement in the beginning, it was possible that I would not have had the desire and determination to go through the early years of apprentices Mp that had been necessary before I could become a writer.

14. Let us look, then, just at the record of these past years, and consider where we might have been had it not been for the peaceful policies the Soviet Union has pursued in tMs recent period.

15.1 believe I should have been almost stupefied but for one circumstance. 16.1 would have gone to her for shelter, but for her humble station, which made me fear that I might bring some trouble on her.

17. But for the quiet picture I had conjured up, of my mother in her youth and beauty, weeping by the fire, and my aunt relenting to her, I hardly think I should have had courage to go on until next day. But it always went before me, and I followed.

18.1 should certainly have produced the money but that I met the woman's look, and saw her very slightly shake her head and form "No!" with her lips.

19. "She is fade and insipid," writes some unknown correspondent, and adds some more kind remarks in this strain, which I should never have repeated at all but that they are in truth prodigiously complimentary to the young lady whom they concern.


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