The Adjective

  2. Adjectives in rhymes.
  3. Adjectives made from nouns
  4. Adjectives made from verbs
  5. B. Match the adjectives in the left column to the nouns in the right column (as they appear in the article). Make up your own sentences with them.
  6. Choose the correct form of the participles used as adjectives in the following sentences.

The adjective in OE could change for number, gender and case. Those were dependent grammatical categories or forms of agreement of the adjective with the noun it modified or with the subject of the sentence - if the adjective was a predicative. Like nouns, adjectives had three genders and two numbers. The category of case in adjectives differed from that of nouns: in addition to the four cases of nouns they had one more case, Instr. It was used when the adjective served as an attribute to a noun in the Dat. case expressing an instrumental meaning.

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