На головну

And Tom Canty, quaintly but richly clothed, marched down, between these

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  3. A. Complete these sentences so that they refer to other people.
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  5. Activity in traditional foreign exchange markets increased substantially between 2001 and 2004.
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living walls, preceded by an usher. He knelt before the king, who said:

'I have learned the story of these past few weeks, and am well pleased with

Thee. Thou hast governed the realm with right royal gentleness and mercy.

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Thou hast found thy mother and thy sisters again? Good; they shall be cared

For - and thy father shall hang, if thou desire it and the law consent. Know,

All ye that hear my voice, that from this day, they that abide in the shelter of

Christ's Hospital and share the king's bounty, shall have their minds and

Hearts fed, as well as their baser parts; and this boy shall dwell there, and

Hold the chief place in its honorable body of governors, during life. And for

That he hath been a king, it is meet that other than common observance shall

Be his due; wherefore, note this his dress of state, for by it he shall be known,

And none shall copy it; and wheresoever he shall come, it shall remind the

People that he hath been royal, in his time, and none shall deny him his due of

reverence or fail to give him salutation. He hath the throne's protection, he

hath the crown's support, he shall be known and called by the honorable title

of the King's Ward. '

The proud and happy Tom Canty rose and kissed the king's hand, and was

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