B) Suggest the methods of translation into Ukrainian of the names of English and foreign companies in the sentences below.

  1. A teacher might introduce a discussion activity with the instructions below. Read them and then fill in the blanks.
  2. A) Explain the words given in italics. Make up sentences of your own. Use English-English dictionaries to help you.
  3. A) First of all, the analysis of the foreign exchange market and the exchange rate.
  4. a) Read the dialogue and translate it into Ukrainian.
  6. A) Study the vocabulary for remuneration and benefits. Match words and phrases from the left-side column with their Ukrainian equivalents.
  7. A) Study the vocabulary for skills and qualifications. Match words and phrases from the left-side column with their Ukrainian equivalents.

1. Ask a middle-aged working man in the north of England what he and his friends contemplated doing when they left school 20 years ago and you get only two answers: They would work in the shipyards or the coal pits, for companies with names like Swan Hunter, British Shipbuilders, Cammell Laird and British Cod. 2. Ask a secondary-school graduate now where he or she is likely to wind up working and you will hear very different-sounding names: companies called Samsung, Daewoo, LG Electronics, Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Woo One, Tatung or maybe Poong Jeon or Sung Kwang. 3. It is a sign of

one of the most dramatic changes in modern industrial history: the growing dependence of Britain, a rich country that once ruled a great empire, on South Korea and Taiwan, once poor, developing countries, to solve the chronic problems of unemployment left behind when the coal mines and the shipyards closed.

Exercise X. Suggest all possible ways of approach to translating into Ukrainian the following titles of newspapers, magazines (journals):

1. Contemporary Review (literary-political monthly, Lnd.). 2. Contemporary Life (British farmer's weekly). 3. Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph (and Morning Post), The Economist (all of conservative orientation). 4. Daily Mirror, Daily Sketch. 5. The Evening News, The Star, Evening Standard (Conservative dailies, Lnd.)., Scotsman (Edingb.), Yorkshire Post, Financial Times (Conservative), The Times (Lnd.). 6. Punch (satirical and humorous weekly), 8. The Guardian International. 9. Mainichi Shimbun (Japan). 10. Hong Kong Standard. 11. Korea Times (South Korea). 12. Ottawa Citizen (Canada). 13. Australia News. 14. USA Today. 15. Kyiv Post (Ukraine).

Exercise XI. Translate the following sentences containing the titles of American news media into Ukrainian:

1. American newspapers get much of their news from two news agencies - AP (Associated Press ) and UPI (United Press International). 2. The record for a Sunday paper in the United States is held by The New York Times. One issue on a Sunday in 1965 contained 946 pages, weighed 36 pounds, and cost 50 cents. 3. In 1986 a total of 9,144 newspapers (daily, Sunday, weekly, etc.) appeared in 6.516 towns in the United states. 4. Most of the daily newspapers are published, rain or shine, on Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the Fourth of July (Independence Day). 5. Among the twenty newspapers with the largest circulation only two or three regularly feature crime, sex, and scandal. 6. The paper with the largest circulation, The Wall Street Journal, is a very serious newspaper indeed. 7. The Wall Street Journal can be found throughout the country. Yet, one wouldn't expect The Milwaukee Journal to be read in Boston, or The Boston Globe in Houston. 8. Three of the better- known American newspapers The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times not only collect but also sell news, news features, and photographs to hundreds of other papers in the U.S.and abroad. 9, In one famous example, an expose of the CIA in The New York Times, also appeared in 400 other American newspapers and was picked up or used in

some way by hundreds more overseas. 10. Picked up is not quite right. Such stories are copyrighted and other newspapers must pay for their use. 11. Some American papers are of international excellence, namely: The Christian Science Monitor, The (Baltimore) Sun, the St. Louis Dispatch, The Milwaukee Journal. 12. In a large international survey of newspaper editors, The New York Times was ranked by most as world's top daily. 13. Among the largest daily U.S.newspapers (1986) also are: (New York) Daily News, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Post, The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press, The Chicago Sun Times, (The Long Island) Newsday, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe. 14. There are more than 4,000 monthly, and over 1,300 weekly magazines in the USA.15. Quite a few of them have international editions, are translated into other languages or have daughter editions as National Geographic, Reader's Digest, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Time, Newsweek, Scientific American, and Psychology Today. 16. Some American periodicals treat serious educational, political, and cultural topics at length. The best-known of these include The Atlantic Monthly, Harvard Educational Review, Saturday Review, Consumer Reports, The New Republic, National Review, Foreign Affairs, Smithsonian (published by the Smithonian Institution in Washington, D.C.), and, of course, Family Circle, Woman's Day, or National Enquirer.

Exercise XII. Translate the titles of the following Ukrainian and foreign newspapers, magazines and journals into English:

A. , , ,
, ', ,
˳ , , ,
, ѳ , ,
³, , ,
( .), : ,
, , ³, , , ,
(. , ), (.
, ), (.-. ),
, , , 
( ), (
. ).

B. Foreign Newpapers: Ƴ ;
(), ,
(ͳ), , ,
(), 1; (),
(), ().

Translate the following names of news agencies into English: (), -, /, , IJ , (), (), ͳ (), ѳ ( . .), (ͳ), Ѳ--, (). Exercise XIII. Translate the names of the publishing houses into Ukrainian and define the method of translation employed in each case.

a) 1. A.& Black (Ltd.). 2. Andre Deutsch (soc. and polit. lit.,
Indep.). 3. J.Bartholomew & Son Ltd. (geogr. maps, atlases, Edinbr.).
4. Chapman & Hall (sci. and techn. lit., Lnd.). 5. W.& R.Chambers
Ltd. (dictionaries, manuals, reference books, Scotl.). 6. J.M.Dent &
Sons Ltd. (manuals reference books, guides', etc.) 7. William Collins
Sons&Co Ltd. (Dictionares, Lond). 8. Lund Humphries (dictionaries
manuals, etc,. Lnd.). 10. University of London Press. 11. Oxford Uni
versity Press. 12. The World Publishing Company (diet., sci. works.
USA). 13. Inter Vasity Press (sci. works, lllin. Univ. USA). 14. Macmillan
(sci. and hist, works, USA). 15. University of Oklahoma Press (USA).
16. Academic International Press (USA). 17. Harvard University Press
(USA). 18. University of Wisconsin Press. (USA). 19. Longman (sci.
works, fiction, lnd.). 20. Foreign languages Publishing House (Mosc).
21. Oxford University Press, Penguin Books (G.Brit.).

b) Suggest the way of translating into English the following names
of Ukrainian publishing houses: , ,
, , , , , ,
, , ,
, , , , , ,
( -), (. ),
(. . ., ).

Exercise XIV.Translate the following sentences containing the names of well-known international corporations into Ukrainian:

1. Sony Corp. and Toyota Motor Corp. will invest 50 billion yen ($412.2 million) in a venture to make liquid-crystal-display panels. 2. Bankers Trust New York Corp. agreed to buy call options on 15 billion yen of Nippon Credit Bank Ltd. stock over the next three years. The options, if exercised, would raise the U.S.company's equity stake in Nippon Credit to nearly 4 per cent. 3. Japan's vehicle exports rose 42 per cent in August from a year earlier to 369,659

helped by a combination of a weaker yen and strong demand for sport-utility vehicles. It was the 15th consecutive monthly increase. 4. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. and Hong Kong Telecommunications Ltd. plan to extend their newly launched experimental high-speed line to Thailand in November. 5. Matsushita Electric Philippines Corp. will begin increasing the local content of US products because of concerns over the weakness of the Philippines peso. 6. Fletcher Challenge Ltd. of New Zealand's Canadian subsidiary sold its U.S.paper mill, Blandin Paper Co., to UPM-Kymmene Corp. of Finland for $650 million. 7. Cable and Wireless PLC bought an additional 5.75 per cent stake in Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Ltd. from Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. for 458.6 million Hong Kong dollars ($59.3 million).

Exercise XV.Translate the following Ukrainian names of enterprises and public bodies into English:

1. ' ; 2. ' -; 3. , 4. ' 볻; 5. ; 6. ; 7. ' ; 8. ; 9. ' ; 10. (); 11. ; 12. ͳ ; 13. - (); 14. ; 15. ; 16. ; 17. - ; 18. - ; 19. - ; 20. ; 21. ; 22. (); 23. ; 24. -; 25. (); 26. - ; 27. (); 28. - ; 29. ; . ; ; 31. / , 32. , - .

Exercise XVI. Translate the names of London hotels, hostels, inns and accomodation campuses into Ukrainian. Model:

Central House hotel ; Acton Grange guest house .

1. Lincoln House hotel, Glynne Court hotel, Duke of Leicester (hotel), Royal Adelpphi hotel, Olympic House hotel, Atlantic Hostel, Prince William hotel; 2. Hyde Park Rooms hotel, The Victoria inn, Green Court hotel, Half Moon hotel; 3. Pearl hotel, Fife Kings guest house, Forest View hotel, Sleeping Beauty motel, Elm Hotel, Fountain House hotel, High Trees Gatwick guest house; 4. Wembley Park hotel, International students house, Oxford Street Youth hostel; 5. University of Westminster (hotel), Cartwright University halls, Allen Hall summer hostel, International student residence, Hotel Saint Simeon, Holland House youth hostel, Hampstead Heath Youth hostel; 6. King's College London Hamstead campus, Ralf West Hall of residence.

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