Stand the scooter on a level surface Stand the scooter on its centre stand

  1. A brake hose is loosened or removed The brake fluid level is very low Brake operation is faulty
  2. American pronunciation standard
  3. And pleased with this jest, he removed the chair from the table, took his stand
  4. And, by Jove, he was right! Once on the right track, you couldn't mistake it. Motty was under the surface.
  5. Arrangements on fire safety (all-Union State Standard 12.1.004-91).
  6. At pre-textual level
  7. Attaching the stand holder

1. Loosen:

1- Bolts (lower shank) Ø

2. Extract:

- Retaining clip

- Cap bolt Ø


1. Remove:

- Cap

- Spring

- Bolt (damper rod) Ø

Loosen the bolt (damper rod) Ø while holding the damper rod with T-handle Ø and holder Ø


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