На головну

Support the scooter so that it cannot fall over

  1. B . . . and lower support (arrowed)
  2. C) Exports and imports are interrelated, therefore the trade disbalance cannot be allowed.
  3. Carries the right to contract for projects supported by bank loans.
  4. Computing Support Assistant
  5. Dramatizes that full employment and a stable price level cannot be taken for granted.
  6. Ensure the UK price of oil is the same as the global price. Haircuts, on the other hand, cannot be
  7. In most low-income countries, this support is underpinned by Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers

1. Stand the scooter on a level surface 2.Check:

- Inner tube

If there are any scratches or damage, replace it

- Oil seal

Replace if there is excessive leakage of oil

Hold the scooter upright and apply the front brake

3. Check:

- That it works properly

Push down hard on the handlebars several times If it does not work smoothly, repair it

See FRONT FORK in Chapter 7


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