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Етап IV. Основна частина уроку.

  1. II. Основная часть
  2. II. Основная часть
  3. Lt;question>Основная функция идеологии?
  4. А) Основная
  5. Анализ работы Г. Алмонда и С. Вербы «Гражданская культура и стабильность демократии»: основная проблема, главные тезисы, выводы.
  6. Анализ работы Дж. С. Ная-мл. и Р. Кохэна «Транснациональные отношения и мировая политика»: основная проблема, главные тезисы, выводы.
  7. Анализ работы Н. И. Бирюкова и В. М. Сергеева «Соборность как парадигма политического сознания»: основная проблема, главные тезисы, выводы.

Відпрацювання лексичного матеріалу. T: Put correct words. Work in pairs. (3хв)

1) London is.... of Great Britain. 2) It is more than two thousand years.... 3) London ....on the Thames. 4) London is one of the largest cities in the.... 5) About...people live in London. 6) Now London is a...city with large squares and parks.
World beautiful the capital seven million stands old

Warming-up (2хв)

Make your right hand clap, clap, clap. (хлопаем правой ладошкой по левой)

Make your left hand clap, clap, clap. (хлопаем левой ладошкой по правой)

Turn around 1,2,3. (поворот вокруг себя)

It is easy, you can see !

Make your right foot tap, tap, tap. (топаем правой ножкой)

Make your left foot tap, tap, tap. (топаем левой ножкой)

Turn around 1,2,3. (поворот вокруг себя)

It is easy, you can see !

Етап V.T: Choose the correct answer (4 хв)

The English Queen lives in...

1. the Tower of London 2. Buckingham Palace 3. the Houses of Parliament 4. Covent Garden

Tower of London was ...

1. a prison 2. a clock 3. a church 4. a park

Now the Tower of London is...

1. a museum 2. a prison 3. a palace 4. a market

You can see waxen figures of different famous people in...

1.National Gallery; 2.Madam Tussaud's Museum; 3.the Tower of London.

Daniel Defo was a famous English...

1.Scientist; 2.Sea explorer; 3.Writer.

Етап VI. Этап 5 . Розвиток видів мов. діят-ті. (7хв)

Teacher: The next task is to retell about places of interest.Great Britain is a big country, which has a lot of different places of interest. It is a famous for its monuments, well known building and other sights. Your task is to explain the meaning of the word written on the card in English. Each team must take 2 cards.

"Buckingham Palace" "Madam Tussaud's Museum" "The Washington Monument" "The London Eye"

Етап VII. T: Перевірка розуміння тексту Guess the Place (5хв)

TRAFALGAR SQUARE is a very famous square where on New Year's Eve people gather to celebrate. At midnight people jump info the fountains fully clothed and enjoy themselves. In the middle of the square there is a very famous statue "Nelson's Column" which is over 170 feet high. The statue on the top is in memory of Lord Horatio Nelson who won the most famous sea battle at Trafalgar. This column is cleaned once every seven years. It is a very difficult job as they have to climb to the top and clean all the mess the pigeons have made on the statue. Trafalgar Square has become famous as a rallying point for all kinds of demonstrations, marches and political meetings.

THE TOWER OF LONDON is a very old building - nine hundred years old! In the early days of English kings lived in the there. Then it was a prison where many people died. Black ravens had much food near the walls of the Tower in those days. Now the Tower of London is a museum housing the National Collection of Armour and Royal Regalias, and many tourists from other countries come to see it. They see the dark stone halls with small windows and thick doors. Something that should not be missed is the Crown Jewels, a priceless collection of every jewel known. The Tower is still guarded by the Yeomen Warders, the famous Beefeaters, who wear a traditional sixteen-century uniform.

Етап VII. Teacher: And the last task: write down message: Unscramble. The first letter is capitalized. Explain them. (5хв)

1. we-llo-Ha-en Halloween

2. pea-Sha-re-kes Shakespeare

3. b-u-T-e Tube

4. T-h-e-s-a-m Thames

5. e-w-T-o-r Tower

6. fal-Tra-gar Trafalgar

Етап IX. Бесіда в режимі Т-Class (3хв)

Now, let's listen to our jury, what is your score?

The winner is _______________________________team

Етап X. Заключна частина уроку. (3хв)

Homework 1. Домашне завдання

1) написати доповідь про видатне місто Вел. Британії.

Summarizing 2. Підведення підсумків уроку.


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