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Choose the correct item

  2. B Read the text and underline the correct alternatives.
  3. B Read the text and underline the correct alternatives.
  4. B) Choose three situations from a) and compose orders for them.
  5. B) Complete the letter using words and phrases from the Useful Language box. The letter in brackets indicates which column you should check to find the correct word or phrase.
  6. B. Choose the right variant and explain your choice
  7. B. Choose the right variant and explain your choice.
1.I was right: I do need glasses! I .... yesterday. A. had my eyes tested B. have tested my eyes C. have been testing my eyes D. had tested my eyes 2. "Where's Harry?' "Oh, he's taken the car to the garage. He's ... ." A.checked the brakes B. having the brakes checked C. had checked the brakes D. has checked the brakes 3."Where did you live before you moved here?" "We ..... in a small village in Wales." A.were used to living B. have lived C. used to live D. have been living 4. "Do you always travel to work by train?" "No. Sometimes I ..... by bus." A.am going B. go C. went D. was going 5. "She eats lots of chocolate, doesn't she?" "Yes, I think she's addicted ..... it." A.on B. in C. to D. with 6. "Who went to the Indian restaurant?" "Everyone went ..... Rachel." A.except B. apart C. beside D. not 7. "Why don't you try yoga?" "I tried it once, but I thought it was ..... .' A.bored B. boredom C. boring D. bore 8. "He drove his father's car ..... he doesn't have a licence." A.despite B. however C. besides D. even though 9. "They left very early, ..... to be late." A. in order B. to prevent C. so as not D. to avoid 10. "Have you seen Brian recently?" "No, I haven't seen him ..... ages." A.for B. at C. of D. with 11. "Where does Jenny work?" "I think she works in a bank, .....?" A.isn't she B. doesn't she C. can't she D. doesn't she 12. "Shall we go to Spain or Italy for our holiday?" "I think I'd ..... go to Italy than Spain." A.rather B. better C. prefer D. like to 13. "Did you like the book I suggested?" "Yes. It makes you think more .... about the issues, doesn't it?" A.deep B. deeply C. deeper D. deepest 14. "Are you happy with your new job?" "Yes, but it will involve travelling abroad twice ..... as I used to." A.as often B. more often C. often than D. most often 15. "Do you like my new hairstyle?" "Fantastic! It's the .... unusual haircut you've ever had.' A.more B. far C. most D. less 16. "What do you think of the CD I gave you?" "It's great! The .... I listen to it, the more I like it." A.much B. less C. more D. little 17. "Are we still going to the gym on Friday/" "Yes, ..... I have to work late again." A.in case B. as long as C. if not D. unless 18. "The manager is always busy when I want to see him." "I know. ..... can ever get his attention." A.Everybody B. Nobody C. Somebody D. Anybody 19. "Don't you like your dinner?" "Not really, the fish is a bit ..... salty." A.too B. much C. enough D. little 20. "Do your two sisters work at the same company?' "Yes. ..... of them went to work there after finishing college." A.Neither B. Either C. Both D. Everyone


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