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Choose the correct item

  2. B Read the text and underline the correct alternatives.
  3. B Read the text and underline the correct alternatives.
  4. B) Choose three situations from a) and compose orders for them.
  5. B) Complete the letter using words and phrases from the Useful Language box. The letter in brackets indicates which column you should check to find the correct word or phrase.
  6. B. Choose the right variant and explain your choice
  7. B. Choose the right variant and explain your choice.
1. "What's the matter with Danny?" "He's just......some bad news, I'm afraid." A. been having B. had C. having D. has 2. "How long have you lived at your current address?" "Oh,.......about fifteen years now." A. during B. before C. since D. for 3. "What an amazing story!" "Yes. I've never......anything like it." A. hear B. been hearing C. heard D. been heard 4. There are only two......for the job. A. customers B. candidates C. employees D. employers 5. I'm afraid I've......out of ideas for the new advertising campaign. A. gone B. run C. cleared D. emptied 6. How much......money do you get per week? A. pocket B. pension C. pay D. with 7. We checked around the market to find the bank with the highest rate of......for our savings. A. pay B. cash C. profit D. interest 8. "Why is Tim upset?" "Brian accused him of having......his computer." A. breaking B. break C. broke D. broken 9. "Why did Florence want to see you?" "She wanted to apologise......at me earlier on" A. for shouting B. to shout C. to shouting D. of shouting 10. "Why are you looking so pleased?" "Steve has......us out for a meal." A. offered B. invited C. admitted D. promised 11. "The company is threatening us with redundancies." "It would be difficult......a job at our age." A. to find B. finding C. having found D. to fining 12. "Is that a history book you've got there?" "Yes, I'm very interested......Spanish History." A. by B. at C. in D. for 13. "What was Thelma saying?" "She was asking me what time......work." A. was I starting B. do I start C. I started D. I have started 14. Pete is not really.....of fashion; he is on another planet! A. accepted B. alert C. awake D. aware 15. To be honest with you, that film doesn't really......to me. A. attract B. appeal C. call D. suit 16. She dresses in a rather.....way, which some might describe as being boring and old-fashioned. A. trendy B. carefree C. casual D. conventional 17. In the sixties Lyn always followed the fashion.....of the time. A. activities B. ideas C. trends D. plans 18. I thought he was.....when he suggested a holiday in the Bahamas! A. playing B. amusing C. joking D. laughing 19. We found our flat in the classified....... section of the local paper. A. ads B. homes C. news D. accommodation 20. She drinks about seven coffees a day. She must be addicted......it! A. at B. on C. in D. to  

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