Choose the correct item

  2. B Read the text and underline the correct alternatives.
  3. B Read the text and underline the correct alternatives.
  4. B) Choose three situations from a) and compose orders for them.
  5. B) Complete the letter using words and phrases from the Useful Language box. The letter in brackets indicates which column you should check to find the correct word or phrase.
  6. B. Choose the right variant and explain your choice
  7. B. Choose the right variant and explain your choice.
1. I wish I...play the piano better. A. would B. can C. could 2. If she had finished earlier, she...to the party tonight. A. will be going B. would be going C. was going 3. Stacy...if we had asked her. A. would have helped B. can help C. could help 4. My parents wish I...study more. A. could B. had C. would 5. You can go to the party...that you're home before midnight. A. unless B. provided C. as long 6. If I...Paul, he wouldn't have overslept. A. call B. called C. had called 7. If you hadn't studied, you...the exam. A. will fail B. would have failed C. had failed 8. If only it...stop snowing. A. would B. will C. could 9. John wishes he...more for the exam. A. studied B. studies C. had studied 10. I'll lend you money...you pay it back soon. A. unless B. if C. even if 11. If I had the day off, I...to the beach. A. had gone B. went C. would go 12. ...it rains, we will go camping. A. If B. Unless C. As long as 13. If Tim had money, he...on holiday this year. A. would have gone B. be going C. went 14. If only Tara...and broken her leg. A. fell B. hadn't fallen C. would fall 15. If you ...hard, you could get a raise. A. had worked B. worked C. work 16. Look...fast he swims! A. what B. so C. how 17. She arrived early...to help with the party. A. in order B. in case C. so that 18. ..., I would like to thank you for listening. A. In summary B. At first C. In conclusion 19. The meeting won't start...everyone is here. A. when B. until C. by the time 20. Parents have to be firm with their children, ... ? A. don't they B. haven't they C. have they


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