Choose the correct item

  2. B Read the text and underline the correct alternatives.
  3. B Read the text and underline the correct alternatives.
  4. B) Choose three situations from a) and compose orders for them.
  5. B) Complete the letter using words and phrases from the Useful Language box. The letter in brackets indicates which column you should check to find the correct word or phrase.
  6. B. Choose the right variant and explain your choice
  7. B. Choose the right variant and explain your choice.
1.If I ... any news, I ... you. A. will hear, will phone B. will hear, phone C. hear, will phone 2. When I ... in Manchester next week, I ... you. A. will arrive, will phone B. will arrive, phone C. arrive, will phone 3. Mrs. Clay ... shopping today if she ... her work earlier than usual. A. goes, will finish B. will go, will finish C. will go, finishes 4. If he ... busy tomorrow morning, he ... you a lift. A. isn't, will probably give B. won't be, will probably give C. won't be, probably gives 5. Your parents ..., if you ... late in the evening. A. will worry, will be B. are worry, will be C. will worry, are 6. If Pete ..., he ... about his health problems. A. goes jogging, will forget B. will go jogging, forgets C. go jogging, will forget 7. If our team ... hard, we ... the next game. A. will work, won't lose B. work, won't lose C. works, don't lose 8. We ... time for tea if he ... in time. A. will have, will be B. have, will be C. will have, is 9. Hurry up! If you ... a taxi, you ... Mary at the station. A. catch, will meet B. will catch, meet C. will catch, will meet 10. The match ... at half past nine, so I'll be at home by ten o'clock. A. will finish B. finishes C. is finishing 11. The population of our city ... one million by 2015. A. is reaching B. reaches C. will reach 12. Our next lesson ... on Monday. A. is B. is going to be C. will be 13. Pam's plane ... at midnight. A. will arrive B. arrives C. is going to arrive 14. I think I ... it. A. will do B. do C. am going to do 15. I'm tired, but if you ... me strong coffee, I ... working. A. will make , go on B. will make, will go on C. make, will go on 16. Mom ... her car keys, so we have to open the door by force. A. has lost B. lost C. had lost 17. Where's Jane? She ... the shops. She'll be back soon. A.went to B. has gone to C. has been to 18. He knows Africa well because he ... a lot there. A. has travelled B. had travelled C. has been travelling 19. The children are drawing. They ... since they came home. A. were drawing B. have been drawing C. have drawn 20. There wasn't much traffic in the street. I saw a little girl ... the road. A. crossed B. cross C. to cross


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