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Answer these questions.

  1. A) Read the item given below and supply answers; b) Retell the passage; c) Pick out the unfamiliar terms and study them.
  2. A). Match these words
  3. A).Match these parts
  4. A. Complete these sentences so that they refer to other people.
  5. Account and capital account and these deficits are financed by net borrowing and changes in
  6. And Tom Canty, quaintly but richly clothed, marched down, between these

1) Which animal represents you? To what extent do the characteristics apply to you?

2) Think of a friend and find his/her animal in the chart. Give examples of why you think each characteristic is appropriate or not.

EXAMPLE: My friend is a rooster. I think he is industrious because he worked very hard to find a lot of information for a research project he had to complete at college. I don't think he is shrewd because someone tricked him into investing in a non-existing company.

1.3. Arrange all the adjectives and descriptive phrases from the chart into three columns under the following headings:

describe me might describe me do not describe me

1.4. Which people does the speaker have a positive opinion of and which a negative one?

Let me tell you about my new colleagues. Pat, my boss, seems very astute and witty. I find her deputy, Vince, a bit parsimonious and work-obsessed. I share an office with Julie who's a bit sullen and mulish. I also do a lot of work with Sam who's very tolerant and generous.

1.5. Now imagine that someone else is talking about the same people, but sees them in a different light. How might he or she describe them?

EXAMPLE: Pat is very shy and terse.

1.6. What are the abstract nouns from these adjectives? Use a dictionary if necessary.

1 altruistic 3 diligent 5 industrious 7 gallant

2 parsimonious 4 placid 6 sagacious 8 terse

9 morose 10 unscrupulous


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