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Hairy cheeky bloody leggy handy nosey hearty skinny heady chesty

  1. Bloody - Oscar Macro
  2. Bloody - Oscar Macro 1 сторінка
  3. Bloody - Oscar Macro 2 сторінка
  4. Bloody - Oscar Macro 3 сторінка
  5. Bloody - Oscar Macro 4 сторінка
  6. Bloody3 - HeadShot Firearm Adjustments

1. ... congratulations on your success! 2. I could watch those ... women high jumpers for hours. 3. That sounds like a rather ... cough you've got. 4. The shops are quite ... - only two minutes 'walk. 5. No, you can not borrow my girlfriend for the evening! Do not be so ...! 6. It's nothing to do with you what we're doing tonight! Do not be so ...! 7. She's so ... that when she turns sideways, she's almost invisible! 8. Did you know he's got a ... chest? Like a doormat, it is! 9. I reckon you'd have to be a ... fool to want to learn this ... stupid language! 10. I feel quite ... after getting all those right. Or perhaps it's the champagne.

Exercise 18. What is the English for:

1. подвійне підборіддя; 2. квадратна щелепа; 3. кульгати; 4. добре окреслені брови; 5. зубочистка; 6. слабкий голос; 7. пересічна зовнішність; 8. задоволена усмішка; 9. ставна фігура; 10. розгойдування при ходьбі; 11. швидкі кроки; 12. тонка талія; 13. корінні зуби; 14. вузькі ступні; 15. встати на ноги; 16. пахва; 17. примружити очі; 18. смаглявий колір обличчя; 19. глухий на одне вухо; 20. причісувати волосся; 21. скорочують гримасу; 22. рябоє особа; 23. укладати волосся вузлом; 24. жмут волосся; 25. перенісся; 26. профіль; 27. висунути язик. 28. запечені губи; 29. кирпу; 30. зіницю.

Exercise 19. Say it in other words (consult an English-English dictionary).

 1. razor; 2. to gain weight; 3. eyelashes; 4. chest; 5. upper limbs; 6. toe nails; 7. molar teeth; 8. to clap one's hands; 9. tear-stained face; 10. weak sight; 11. delicate features; 12. forehead; 13. bald head; 14. chubby cheeks; 15. to play by ear; 16. mop of hair; 17. hairdo; 18. a blonde; 19. lop-eared; 20. cross-eyed.

Exercise 20. Listen to a conversation between two women.

Before Listening task: What does it mean when we say someone is "good-looking," "attractive," or "handsome?" What are some advantages and disadvantages of being "good-looking?"

A.Choose the best summary of the conversation.

1. The two women talk about a handsome man in the yoga class, and a beautiful woman.

2. One of the women thinks being good-looking is a disadvantage because people bother you.

3. Both of the women are interested in studying yoga to met attractive people.

B. Say whether the following statements are true or false.

1. Both of the women are taking yoga lessons.

2. There's a handsome man in the class.

3. Emi Kubota is an attractive woman.

4. One of the women went out for dinner with Emi.

5. A lot of men wanted to talk with Emi.

Exercise 21. Which word in each pair of words would you prefer people to use about you? Why?

1. skinny / slim

2. well-built / corpulent

3. overweight / obese

4. all skin and bones / there's more fat on a chip

5. plump / stocky

6. short / below average height

7. a midget / knee-high to an ant

Exercise 22. Body Movements. Match each item on the left with the most suitable phrase on the right.



(A)He flexed his head in disagreement.

(B)He shook his fists angrily.

(C)He clenched his neck to see better.

(D)He craned his muscles proudly.

(E)He snapped his forehead with a handkerchief.

(F)He shrugged his foot in time to the music.

(G)He wiped his shoulders.

(H)He folded his breath under water.

(I)He scratched his knee because it was painful.

(J)He held his arms and relaxed.

(K)He tapped his head thoughtfully.

(L)He rubbed his fingers to get attention.

(A)He trembled in the hot sun.

(B)He shivered with embarrassment.

(C)He sweated with fear.

(D)He blushed when he heard the sad news

(E)He sobbed with cold.

(F)He started after going without food for three days

(G)He dozed in surprise at the sudden noise.

(H)He fainted in his armchair after a hard day's work.


(A)She nodded when she saw her friend getting off the bus.

(B)He bowed when his commanding officer entered the room.

(C)She curtseyed in agreement.

(D)She waved when she was introduced to the Queen.

(E)He smiled when he was introduced to the Queen.

(F)He saluted to show the shop assistant what he wanted.

(G)She fidgeted because he was happy.

(H)He pointed after sitting in the same position for so long.

Exercise 23. Read the excerpts from little Johnny's composition below. Translate into Russian.

13.1.99 My Christmas Holiday

As a special treat, my Mummy and Daddy took me on a winter sports holiday this year. We all went to the Swiss Alps for a fortnight. I enjoyed the first few days, but skiing was more difficult than I thought. On the third day, I twisted my knee, Bruised my shin, Sprained my ankle, Damaged a tendon in the back of my foot - my Achilles tendon, I think it's called - got cramp in my calf, Squashed my big toe, Got corns on my heelsand hard patches of skin on the solesof my feet, pulled a muscle in my thigh, And rubbed all the skin off my instep. On the fourth day, I was unfortunate ... as we were getting on the bus to the airport, I tore a hamstring. (My broken leg and fractured pelvis happened after I got home.)

Exercise 24. Put each of the following verbs in its correct place in the sentences below.

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